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Critically Acclaimed Alzheimer’s Story Gets Audiobook Release

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April 2022, nearly five years after its original release and two years after its film adaptation, the deeply moving story of Pat Moffett and his wife’s struggle with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s has been released as an Audiobook, widely available via


The story, Ice Cream in the Cupboard, speaks to the struggle of many with Alzheimer’s – from the 4 million Americans who suffer from the disease (about 220,000 of them the Early-Onset form that develops before the age of 65), to the caregivers watching their loved ones go through the disease. This story has provided an important light to those in the midst of their own battles, showing them that they aren’t alone.


Pat Moffett is an accomplished author who has penned multiple books. Ice Cream in the Cupboard details his life with his wife – from their heartwarming meeting and deeply romantic love story, culminating in his late-wife’s diagnosis of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s, and their struggle therein.


The story is a deeply personal look into the lives of those impacted by Alzheimer’s, and how it affects those it touches. It also shows how love can pull us through the darkest of times, and how there is still always hope to be found in those moments.


Pat has made it his life’s mission to share his story and spread awareness of this disease. In 2020, he produced the film adaptation of this story, which was met with critical acclaim. This film has been widely released, and was recognized at the 2019 Rhode Island International Film Festival, winning “Best Feature Film-Audience Award” and “Best Feature Film-Youth Award.”

The film stars Dana Ashbrook as Pat and Claudia Ferri as Carmen, Pat’s late wife.


Now, the book that began the phenomenon, has gotten an Audiobook release via This is especially important because many of those who need this story the most , caretakers, are unable to read traditionally.


The book features two narrators: Tom Weitzel and Stefanie Powers. Both have impressive resumes within the audiobook space and bring the story to life with powerful performances.


The book is 6 hours and 8 minutes long and can be purchased for $5.99, and is free for users with the KindleUnlimited subscription. Additionally, for those exclusively using Audible, the book costs one credit to purchase.


Pat, and fans of his work, hope that this adaptation will help even more people find comfort in this story, and help others to find some understanding of this disease and how it can affect those we love.


About Pat Moffett

Pat has lived in Great Neck, Long island for over 50 years and was formerly Vice President of Voxx International Corp. in Hauppauge.

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