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Smart and Safe Driving Tips for the Everyday Driver

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Careless driving and unsafe practices on the road can lead to consequences for not only the driver and his passengers. Also, they are for the people around them. According to the UAE Minister of Interior, two people died in road accidents every day from 2015 to 2017.

Even though it has lessened, it does not mean that a driver should be any less vigilant. This is whether you acquired your vehicle from a car rental in Dubai or are have a personal vehicle. You should be following driving tips to keep yourself and others safe. Adopting road safety measures should not be a choice but a law.

Driving Tips

You can ensure smart and safe driving from the following tips. The Dubai Government Workshop has approved them. Rent a car Dubai services recommend many tips as well.

Fasten your Seat belt

Buckling your seat belt can reduce the risk of flying out the windshield in case of collision. The leading cause of death in car accidents is not wearing a seat belt.

The passengers not wearing their seat belt cause all around the world injuries. There are numerous cases of people dying as well.

Rent a car Dubai services always requests the clients to wear seat belts. The car may not belong to the customer but they should wear a belt regardless. Not wearing a belt can have consequences for someone else as well.

Clear your Head

When driving, splitting your focus on different actions can result in getting distracted and consequently getting into an accident. In addition, medications can impede the ability to concentrate.

Therefore, if you have taken a prescription avoid driving as it may lead to drowsiness and in colliding with a tangible object. Also, avoid over the counter medication.

Plan Ahead

Another cause of the collision is not paying attention to the routes. Living in large cities like Dubai that has year-round tourism, there may be significant traffic in your way. Always plan and in particular for emergencies or traffic.

This will not only keep you safe but also save a significant amount of your time. The driver can be relaxed when driving when there is no need to rush.

Rushing and weaving between cars along with excessive speeding can increase the risk of accidents.

If you are a tourist and renting, rent a Car Dubai can provide you with guidance as well.

Research Safety Features

Rent a car Dubai and others around the world will have several models of cars available. Always research the safety features before buying a car or renting one. It should have all the necessary safety features in perfect order such as airbags, seat belts and more.

It’s performance should also be up to standards and regularly maintained. Research the safety systems and make an informed decision for your vehicles or rentals.

Airbag Guidelines

Airbags are important to prevent head injuries in case of collisions. Ensure that the airbags in your car are working before renting or buying. Head injuries can even cause death.

Having airbags in the car will significantly reduce the damage that may occur otherwise. Rental cars UAE places the safety measures in all its cars.

Safety Tips for children

If there are infants and children in the car, fasten them in with seat belts or lap belts. The infants should be child safety seats.

We recommend appropriate measures when passengers include children. The workers from company can also guide the measure that needs to be taken when driving with children.

Never place the infant car seat in the rear direction in the front seat and do not place children in the front seat of the car either. For the infant’s car seats, you are on the backseat until they are up to a year old.

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