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Small Business Owners Can Receive Refunds/Rebates on Health Insurance Premiums with Self-Funded Plans


Dallas, TX, December 9, 2022— Next Generation Payroll is quietly climbing the ranks as one of the best group health insurance brokers around as they partner with major health insurance carriers to promote group health plans that are eligible for premium refunds. Insurance providers such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Allstate have long offered group health insurance plans that rewards employers who keep their staff healthy and keep their insurance claims low. At the end of a 12-month coverage period, a business can receive a rebate check in the mail if the company didnt rack up an exorbitant amount of insurance claims in a 12-month period.

Small businesses are always seeking to work with an insurance broker to purchase the lowest premium health insurance policy on the market. Thats no longer the winning strategy that improves a companys bottom line. Decision makers are now starting to focus on how much money they can get back in the form of a health insurance rebate instead.

Fully funded insurance plans are founded on transferring the risk associated with paying for 100% of healthcare-related claims to a health insurance provider in exchange for paying a monthly premium. Self-funded insurance is the complete opposite and allows a business to assume the risk of being responsible for paying for their own healthcare costs. Since a business is using its own financial resources to pay for health insurance premiums, they are in control of its own money and is entitled to have it credited back to them when they dont use Its a concept that is completely overlooked in the small business community.

We have all heard that high risk yields a high reward, and more entrepreneurs are getting on onboard with the health plans that Next Generation Payroll is promoting without hesitation.

Adding a stop loss insurance plan to the deal essentially eliminates the risk by providing resources to pay for the occasional excessive health insurance claim. Its an all-around win for the business with only two possible outcomes:

Scenario 1

When you dont use all your health insurance funding, you will get a percentage of the unspent insurance premiums refunded to the business. This will result in a refund of several thousand dollars depending on the size of the company. The refunded dollars can be used on other aspects of the business, taken as profit, or invested in the employees.

Scenario 2

If a companys health insurance claims rise above a company’s accumulated health insurance resources, a stop-loss insurance policy pays for all the health claims above the saved value. Hence, businesses are protected against paying for excessive health care claims as the worst-case scenario becomes a cost savings event for the company.

Self funded health insurance plans not only help keep companies’ costs down, but they also often times provide much better coverage for the benefits of the employees. We encourage all of our clients to travel down the road less traveled. – Bryon Jennings

Next Generation Payroll is principally a payroll, HR & benefits provider located in Dallas, TX, and services small businesses across the United States. The company was launched in 2017 by President Bryon Jennings who is a group health benefit broker that educates the small business community on navigating employee benefit options.

For more information on the service, call them at (214) 396-2200, send an email to [email protected], or visit their website at to discuss the benefits of enrolling in a self-funded health insurance plan.

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