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Should I charge my electric car every night?

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Smartphone manufacturers have created something of a “battery awareness  syndrome” in the minds of consumers. We’ll use Apple as our example: not only do  they have an Optimized Battery Charging setting, but they also recommend you never  let your battery fully drain. Or never fully charge. Or stay around 80%.

Sound confusing? As the recommendations seem to be less than clear, it’s also caused  concerns in other industries, namely for electric vehicle owners. Today, we want to  address the question of whether you should charge your electric car every night.

Battery basics 101 

How many AA batteries have you thrown away throughout your life? Environmental  impact aside, all batteries are consumable. You probably have had to replace the  battery in your gasoline-powered vehicle before, seeing what’s called a “core charge”  on your receipt. This is to encourage consumers to return them so that those types of  batteries don’t end up in a landfill like their smaller brethren.

Lithium-ion batteries are no different. Over time, their maximum capacity degrades.  This is why contrary to popular belief, your two-year-old smartphone doesn’t hold a  charge like it did when you first purchased it.

What is optimized charging? 

Optimized charging is the smartphone manufacturer’s solution to extending battery life.  The more a phone is charged to 100%, the smaller the maximum capacity that battery  has. Overnight, your phone will charge to 100%, stop charging, drain some, and then  recharge back to 100%. This is to ensure it has a full charge when you wake up but at  the risk of slowly eating away at your maximum capacity.

Optimized charging “holds” the charge back to 80%, pausing your charging once it hits  that percentage. Then, a few hours before you normally get up, it finishes the charge.

Should I charge my electric car to 100%? 

Does this mean that your electric vehicle should never hit 100% charge? As these are  also lithium-ion units, does the same principle apply to your electric car and truck as it  does to your smartphone?

Generally speaking, most experts agree: the same principle applies. The extreme ends  of the charging spectrum — 0% and 100% — tend to degrade your electric car battery  just as it does your smartphone. While some manufacturers have warranties to ease  your mind, there are some steps you can take.

Should I charge my electric vehicle nightly? 

Namely, never leave your car in a state of constant charging. If you don’t plan to leave  your home for a day or two, then don’t charge your car battery every night.

Likewise, you’ll want to install an electric vehicle charger that has a similar type of  “optimized charging” as we described above. Together, these two steps can help  prolong the life of your electric vehicle battery.

Choosing the right kind of electric vehicle charger 

There are two primary types of electric car chargers: the aptly named Level One and  Level Two EV chargers. Each has its pros and cons, and we’ll work with homeowners  and businesses alike to help them decide which is best for them.

Ready to get started? Then contact the team at Yoder Electric to find out what type  of charger you need for your property by calling us at 614-206-5401 or sending us a  message HERE.

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