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How Long Does a Root Canal Take?


Are you facing root canal therapy in your upcoming dental visits? This standard procedure is not as scary as it sounds. In fact, simply getting to know what the treatment involves puts your mind at ease. So how long does a root canal take and what does the process involve?

Treatment Basics

Root canals Parker Colorado provide are one of the most common restorative dentistry procedures. Dentists save many teeth each year, using this type of therapy. Although the process is never simple, a root canal saves your smile and bite while preventing you from needing a highly expensive tooth extraction and replacement.

Root canal therapy becomes important when decay penetrates to the root of your tooth. This decay causes pain beyond a simple cavity or tooth sensitivity. To save your tooth, your dentist must go into the decayed area and clean it. He then seals the cavity to save the tooth in most instances.

To complete your root canal, the dentist must remove the tooth’s nerve. He also clears infection, with both of these steps ending your pain. The last step is filling the cavity to strengthen and support your tooth. Some root canals require a crown on the tooth for extra support and to avoid extraction.

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

So how long does a root canal take, anyway? Most of these procedures take an hour to an hour and a half. Some require longer periods in the dentist’s chair, depending on your specific needs. Molars take longer than other teeth, as they are bigger, have more root canals and are in the back of your mouth.

A root canal requires concentration and caution on the part of the dentist. He uses his training, education, and experience all at once for these procedures. But from where you sit in the dentist’s chair, the whole process feels much like a simple filling. It just takes 15 minutes to a half hour longer than typical cavity fillings.

Make Adequate Plans for Your Treatment

Afterward, you can go back to your typical daily routine. But the last thing you want is to rush your dentist or feel rushed yourself. So make plans with enough time around your appointment to allow for any extra needs or services your dentist recommends. After all, your tooth seems more important than a rush to other activities.

Your root canal likely requires an X ray before the procedure, too. So allow time for whatever the dentist needs to do, to give you the greatest potential for keeping your tooth in place. Do not worry so much about, “How long does a root canal take” and instead allow enough time for the dentist to provide the quality of service you need.

Dental Services You Need in Parker, Colorado

You need a range of dental services in Parker CO and throughout your adulthood. So, you also need a dentist you trust, one providing quality dentistry services. These services typically include:

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