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SellerAppeal by Or Shamosh: Amazon Seller Reinstatement Experts

SellerAppeal by the international suspension expert Or Shamosh is a company of Amazon seller account reinstatement experts who specialize in helping sellers overcome appeals roadblocks using the help of their team of Amazon experts, consultants, and legal advisors.


March 1, 2023— If you’re an Amazon Seller, you know the importance of updating your account and the nightmare it could be if your account is suspended or one of your competitors has made a fake report on any of your products. At SellerAppeal by Or Shamosh, they can help you navigate and solve these issues! They are a team Amazon seller account reinstatement experts that specialize in helping sellers overcome appeals roadblocks.

At SellerAppeal by Or Shamosh, their team of Amazon experts, consultants, and legal advisors has an unbeatable success rate of 98%. They’ve already helped thousands of Amazon sellers get back their accounts and reinstate their listings, helping them save valuable time, money, and effort. Among the wide range of Appeal Areas that they offer, clients will be able to find:

  1. Legal Department: With services such as Design Patent, Price Gouging, Intellectual Property, Trademark, and Copyright.
  2. Help With Your Regulations: Safety Compliance, FDA Claims, DEA Claims, EPA Claims & Marketing Statements.
  3. Account Health: By providing Reviews Manipulation, ASIN Creation, Order Defect Rate, Late Shipment Rate & Policy Warnings.
  4. Product Compliance: Whether it is for a Used Item Sold as a New, Inauthentic, Counterfeit, Chronic Defective, or a Detail Page Needing Correction.

How does it work?

First, they’ll need all the information about your case and Amazon’s initial suspension email. Second, your case will be assigned to one of our experienced policy experts for thorough research, and they’ll return to you with a free quote for your case. After finalizing your customized appeal, they’ll email you the appeal files and a clear set of instructions explaining how to send it to Amazon and get your account reinstated.

If you’re still not sure about Seller Appeal, here are some reviews about some current clients:

“The team did a great job getting our ASIN back. Another brand took it over in February; they removed all our content, including EBC, in an attempt to attribute our 763 reviews to their product, and at Amazon they were not very helpful and eventually issued a Policy Violation to us for trying to change the content back to the correct product. But Seller Appeal helped us create an appeal, and after submitting it three times finally, it was successfully reinstated. So once again, thank you Or Shamosh, for your help!” – Mike Smith.

So if you’re looking for effective Amazon seller account reinstatement experts, they’re the best option for you! They’ve helped a plethora of sellers get their accounts back in excellent standing in record time. Visit today at to learn more about their top-quality Amazon seller reinstatement services.

Contact Info:

Organization: SellerAppeal by Or Shamosh
Phone: +1 (424) 8355-355

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