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Remote Work Junkie Announces the Top 50 Remote Experts and Leaders List

Remote Work Junkie, a leading remote career platform and community, announces the top 50 remote experts and leaders list. The list comprises highly influential individuals in the remote work industry who have significantly impacted the remote working movement.


United States, August 3, 2022— Remote Work Junkie, a global community of experts and leaders in the remote work industry, has announced its top 50 list. The list features an all-star roster of some of the most influential names in the field and is designed to help companies find the best remote talent for their needs.

“It’s been an exciting year for Remote Work Junkie,” said Todd Kunsman, founder of Remote Work Junkie. “We’ve seen a significant rise in the interest in remote work. In this list, you’ll come across folks who have built communities, resources, and software platforms or consistently provide expert ideas that improve remote and hybrid work today.”

The top 50 Remote Work Experts curated by Remote Work Junkie include Sara Sutton, the Founder & CEO of Flexjobs, Rodolphe Dutel, founder of Remotive, and Nurasyl Serik, the Co-Founder and CEO of Remote First. Besides curating top remote work experts globally, Remote Work Junkie is a Remote Job Board for job seekers and companies. The website is dedicated to sharing industry insights, remote work experiences, suggestions for landing your first remote gig, finding excellent remote jobs, what tools and gear will help you succeed, and managing a remote team.

Furthermore, Remote Work Junkie serves as a Remote Work Glossary, with a wealth of information on remote working for both employers and remote workers. This glossary offers more than 60 definitions and terms and defines them for its audience. There is nothing wrong with expanding your expertise, whether you are new to remote work or a veteran.

On top of that, Remote Work Junkie recommends products, items, and equipment that are useful to its target audience. These include remote health insurance, books, online platforms, laptops, home office chairs, and remote tools and applications.”

“Over the previous 12 years, remote work has grown by 159 percent, with no indications of slowing. We want to educate individuals and organizations on the benefits of working from anywhere in the world,” adds Kunsman. “We decline offers from companies and sponsors that do not connect with our vision or provide genuine value to our reader.”

About Remote Work Junkie:

Remote Work Junkie is a comprehensive remote work guide for employers and job seekers. This site is for anyone interested in remote work or desiring to work from anywhere globally.

The organization connects its talents to the demands of companies and readers to generate a positive and lasting impact. The company’s mission is to educate others about working remotely, connect people with great employment, and assist employers in building effective remote teams.

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Name: Todd Kunsman, Founder
Organization: Remote Work Junkie
Phone number: 4848217663
Email: [email protected]

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