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Investing in the financial market is a tricky endeavor. Some companies are only there to fleece you of your savings. In the precious metal industry, Regal Assets is a well-known firm. However, reputation alone is not enough to convince you to invest your savings with the company. This Regal Assets review gives insight into the firm’s services as well as the benefits of their gold IRAs.



An overview of Regal Assets

Regal Assets was founded in 2009, by the current CEO Tyler Gallagher. It is situated in Burbank, California. However, it has expanded all over the globe with offices in the European continent. The firm specialized in gold IRAs, but it also dabbles with palladium, platinum, silver and crypto IRAs.

The firm deals in numismatic and standard coins as well as bullion. The firm has a myriad of celebrity endorsements like Lars Larson, Alan Thicke, Alan Colmes and Laura Ingraham. Aside from that, it has been featured in numerous reputable publications like Forbes, The Huffington Post, SmartMoney, and MarketWatch. Inc. Magazine has also ranked the firm as one of the top 500 fastest growing organizations in North America.


What Regal Assets offer

Regal Assets deals almost exclusively in precious metals. Their two main personal account packages all allow the purchase and resale of bullion or precious metal coins. The first account has a $5,000 minimum that allows individuals to invest in silver and gold while having the flexibility to liquidate their investments. The alternative is the $10,000 that offers a family based investment.

There are also four investment accounts that have a minimum of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and over $250,000. These are tailored to corporate clients that wish to diversify their companies’ portfolios. All these accounts include separate storage of your precious metals. Customers can also store gold in the Dubai or London storage if they are afraid that the government may confiscate their gold.


Regal Assets Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

Consumer Protection Agency Rating Reviews Source
Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ ? View Page
Business Consumer Alliance AAA 57 View Page
TrustLink 5 Stars 1069 View Page
TrustPilot 3 Stars 1 View Page




What We Liked about Regal Assets


▶ Reputation

Regal Assets has received awards and mentions from numerous financial publications like MarketWatch and Forbes. Additionally, the business has very good ratings in customer-based review sites. On Better Business Bureau, the firm has an A+ rating, on Business Consumer Alliance, it has an AAA rating, and on Trust Link the rating is five based onover 1,000 reviews

▶ Segregated storage

Most companies in the industry tend to store customer assets in shared storage. However, Regal Assets is one of the few where each customer’s storage is segregated from the others. Additionally, the customer can store them in Europe or Dubai to avoid confiscation based on the 1968 Gold Control Act.

▶ Great customer services

The firm is one of the few in the financial industry that understands that the customer is the most crucial part of the business. The response time is fast, and they are all knowledgeable about the state of the precious metals market. Corporate clients can even choose to have a dedicated agent who deals with their assets.



What We Didn’t Like about Regal Assets


▶ Advertisement that could be seen as misleading

Even though Regal Assets does not blatantly lie to potential customers, it exaggerates the importance of gold IRAs. Many adverts state that gold is the only asset that does not depreciate without highlighting the volatility of the market.

▶ Priority to corporate clients

The firm tends to give priority to corporate clients. The foundation of the business is mainly based on corporate clients with high investments. Sometimes, the firm overlooks the personal clients with smaller accounts. It may be sporadic, but it is still annoying to personal customers.



The bottom line

This Regal Assets Review shows that the company has experience and a good reputation in the industry. Nevertheless, there are some cons that cannot be overlooked. The Regal Assets review has shown that the minimum account requirements are too high for most small-scale investors. Additionally, the firm seems to be leaning towards the corporate side than the personal gold IRA holders. Before you invest, make sure you are the right match to the clientele that this firm targets.

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