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Reasons to Consider Hiring Excel Consultants

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Whatever the size of the company, most businesses use Microsoft Excel to help manage and run their organisation.

But, if you’re not passionate about spreadsheets (yes, some people are!) it’s likely your business isn’t getting the most out of Excel. For many that hate dealing with spreadsheets, the ordeal is quite tedious.

If you want to reap the benefits from Excel, you should consider hiring professional Excel consultants to boost productivity and proficiency in the business.

If you’re not yet convinced, we’re here to spill the best reasons to consider hiring professional Microsoft Excel help. Read on to discover all!


An obvious reason to hire an Excel consultant is that they’re likely to be more experienced than the staff you use to run Excel in your business.

While most companies use Microsoft Excel software, most people (including many business owners) have no idea of the full capabilities of the tool and what it can achieve.

Most companies are aware that Excel work allows you to process and understand data by sorting, linking, and grouping it. But what many don’t realize is to what extent these options are expandable.

Microsoft Excel is a complex and vast piece of software. Yet unfortunately, like our brains, most people only use about 10% of it.

Excel consultants are a rare breed of people who not only understand what the other 90% of Excel can do but enjoy learning about it too.

Excel consultants are always learning about the program, reading articles on it, and experimenting with features, tips, and tricks to understand the software better. This means they often discover efficient solutions to automation problems that the average Excel worker couldn’t come close to learning.

There’s so much to learn from the deep and dark depths of Excel that consultants are still discovering more about the software years and years after first using it.

As Excel consultants have so much experience with the software, they know exactly the right questions to ask. They can recommend and set up the best solution for any Excel-related business problems. With the help of professional Excel consultants, imagine the possibilities your business can achieve it comes to productivity.


As Excel consultants are so experienced in the field, it means they work more quickly to solve issues and undertake tasks. Over the years professional Microsoft Excel consultants have developed their skill sets, becoming more familiar with Excel. This helps them work super speedily when using the program.

With that experience comes libraries and files full of codes they’ve developed for other projects and clients. Such work they can reuse and tweak in similar cases. That means that already they’ll have a starting point to help them identify and proceed with the best approaches to benefit your company.

Extra work is minimized, allowing more time to focus on the project and task at hand. A speedy consultant is appreciated especially during time-sensitive projects.

While many people, especially those familiar with using Excel, may believe they can ‘do the tasks myself’, this isn’t always the most efficient use of resources. Even if that individual did understand Excel well enough to complete the work themselves, it would likely take a longer amount of time. This will inevitably reduce productivity in the office.

The reality is that most companies don’t have the time and resources to design and develop custom Excel automation and solutions. Otherwise, it would be done already! That’s why the help of Excel consultants is so valuable.


Often, a business will know that they need help with Microsoft Excel, but they won’t know or understand exactly what kind of help they need. Choosing the right type of help needed is crucial, otherwise it’s easy to waste money and time on the wrong solution.

Let’s say your company already has a reasonably strong and solid Excel solution. Perhaps it’s solid, but not perfect, and there’s plenty of room for improvement.

In this case, an MS Excel consultant can help tweak and improve an existing solution to increase productivity and efficiency in a company.

The consultant can polish up the solution. For example, they can incorporate fresh features such as conditional formatting, eye-catching graphs and charts, infographics, and pivot tables.

If instead, a business’s existing Excel solution is messy, unstructured, and difficult for the team to follow, it’s worth starting fresh.

Or perhaps the team members of an organization are savvy in the realms of Excel and are keen to learn more about the software themselves. In this case, it may make sense to introduce an Excel trainer to improve their knowledge of the software.

A good Excel consultant will be able to offer you the appropriate help to benefit your company.


It makes sense to hire Excel consultants for your business, especially if you don’t like, don’t have the time for, or don’t have the appropriate skill set for the work.

Why waste valuable time and resources staying up late in the office? When you can pay someone professional who loves working with spreadsheets to do it? Not only can you avoid a mundane task, but the job will be completed more efficiently.

At AM 18, we’re the experts on Excel. We offer professional and comprehensive Excel consultancy for big and small businesses all around the world. To learn how we can help your business, check out our services page.

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