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Qwiqode Offers Ready-to-Install Content Block Shopify Templates To Help You Create an E-store sells pre-built Shopify section templates to web designers and merchants. They can be easily added to a Shopify store without the help of a developer. They are unique, super-flexible, very customizable, and give you more ways to display content.


United States, September 22, 2022 — Setting up a custom shop with Shopify is meant to be easy and quick, but more often than not, you run into a problem. Even though Shopify is a fantastic e-commerce platform with themes available to choose from that have a variety of content blocks to add to your site, each theme is different. If there’s no option to add a specific layout or functionality that your store needs, you might be forced into finding a workaround via a third-party app or custom code developed just for you. Both solutions come at a high cost. Luckily for you, Qwiqode helps you make your Shopify store even better.

Qwiqode ready-to-install content block templates will help you create the website you imagined. They are perfect for beginner merchants since the installation process is intuitive and quick. They are also optimal for web designers who already know the ins and outs of Shopify and can also take advantage of the “unlimited” license that lets you reuse this content layout for multiple websites while saving on development costs. Their sections are exactly what you’ve been missing to improve your Shopify store since they’re really easy to install (just a little copy/pasting), and are packed with settings so that you can customize all the elements.

Why should you be choosing Qwiqode? Shopify offers integrations with hundreds of apps designed to fill in missing functionalities of the basic storefront. However, these apps are developed by third parties, which sometimes leads to server issues, workflow-breaking updates, clunky code, and slow loading time. And even though getting a custom code might appear as the best alternative, it usually turns out to be expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. When customers choose Qwiqode pre-built templates, they won’t have to settle for less than what they imagined or spend time and money on custom code. Since they don’t have to choose between potentially flawed and clunky functionality: because they display the information the way you like for less with the help of their customizable pre-built Shopify sections.

About Qwiqode:

Since 2005, Ronen Hirsch, founder, CEO, web developer and designer of companies such as Studio Umbrella Inc, has been in the web design business specializing in Shopify. Through the years, he has noticed that many storefronts have similar requests that could be covered with a simple yet elegant solution: pre-made content layouts and sections that are easy to tweak, install, and customize since this gives the customer- the web designer or merchant, the freedom to improve their site with ease.

Qwiqode has helped many people with zero coding experience by providing them with Shopify carousel section templates, where all they need to know is how to download a file, copy its contents and paste it. Their installation process is extremely easy, quick, and intuitive and does not require any coding knowledge.

For more information about their custom Shopify section templates and top-quality services, visit There you will learn more about qwiqode Shopify section templates.

Contact Info:

Name: Ronen Hirsch
Organization: Qwiqode (Studio Umbrella Inc.)
Phone: 323-763-0503

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