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Your Teenager’s Teeth: When Are Braces Needed?

Being the parent of a teenager can be tough.

But as the adult, it’s your (sometimes thankless!) job to do what you can to take care of your teen’s health. Understanding when and why your teenager needs to get braces is a part of that.

In this post, you will learn the signals to look for.

They Have Crowding

This is exactly what it sounds like — there isn’t enough space in their mouths for all of their teeth. If crowding isn’t caught early enough, it can lead to crooked teeth that will take much longer to straighten.

Plus, it also makes hygiene, especially flossing, more of a challenge. To make sure your teen can properly care for their teeth, it’s time for braces.

They Have An Overbite

If you’ve noticed that your teen’s front teeth seem to be sticking out much more than the bottom row of their teeth, it’s likely that they have an overbite.

This is fairly common, but it comes with a host of health problems you’ll need to be aware of.

They’re much more likely to chip their front teeth, especially if they take a fall or suffer another injury.

Over time, an untreated overbite can also lead to a necessity for serious dental surgery — both cosmetic and developmental. This is because it causes the jaw to grow asymmetrically.

They Have An Underbite

You can recognize this because you’ll notice that all of your teen’s upper teeth are hidden by the lower teeth.

It’s caused when by an imbalance in jaw alignment and size. You need to treat it, as it can make it hard to chew food.

If your teen claims they “can’t deal” with how braces will look, just tell them this fact: an untreated underbite has been known to cause premature aging and even a somewhat lopsided facial look!

When They Ask for Them

Sometimes, when trying to figure out whether or not the braces teens wear are the right option for your child, you just have to talk to them.

While you’re concerned about the orthodontic health and support that braces provide, it’s far more likely that your teen has the cosmetic reasons for braces in mind.

If your child is getting made fun of because of their teeth, of if they’re just feeling insecure about how they took, it might be time to broach the topic with them.

Remind your child that if braces make them feel self-conscious — and 1 out of 2 teens say they do — that they’re not alone.

In fact, over 4 million Americans under the age of 18 currently wear braces.

Braces are just something that most everyone has to wear — and they can even have a lot of fun picking out different band colors to match their favorite sports team or band.

Is Your Teen Ready for Braces?

Thanks to this post, you now have a much better understanding of the signals you need to look out for when it comes to your teenager’s teeth.

Getting your teenager to smile is already a challenge — let braces do at least some of the work for you.


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