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How to Promote Your Petite Shoes Store

Are you struggling to get off the ground or increase sales for your petite shoes store?

Did you know that 53% of retail stores fail and close within the first four years of operation?

Having a solid marketing strategy will help your shoe store succeed. Read on for 5 promotional marketing tactics to help grow your business!

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Your customers are on social media; They just may not necessarily be using social media to search for petite shoes.

Find ways to connect with your customers on various social media platforms by posting consistent, interesting content.

Pick out the platforms where your customers hang out and that will best serve your brand. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are all great starting points due to their visual nature.

2. Offer Deals on Petite Shoes

Along with building goodwill by working hand-in-hand with a charity, you can attract customers and increase sales by offering regular deals and discounts.

For example, this shoe store has a newsletter sign up form on its website that encourages visitors to opt-in to receive information on discounts and offers.

Speaking of social media, you could host a monthly giveaway on Instagram and then offer a 25% discount to the people who didn’t win. You could even promote special discounts to your audience through Facebook Ads.

3. Engage Your Audience Regularly

No matter where your audience is, you need to be consistently communicating with them to increase the lifetime value of your customers through repeat business.

Engagement can include anything from responding to reviews on Facebook, tweeting if you use Twitter, or sending out weekly email blasts.

Another great way to engage your audience is blogging. You could feature customers on your blog, allowing them to share their stories and why they love your brand.

Furthermore, a blog can become another revenue stream for your store, if you choose to implement monetization techniques such as sponsored reviews or affiliate marketing.

4. Traditional Marketing Still Works

Traditional marketing is not dead, especially if your shoe store has a physical location. Print, television, and radio advertising works best when paired with solid digital marketing strategy.

Consider printing flyers or postcards to hang at local events, networking meetups, or other places you do business.

5. Give Back To Those in Need

Aligning your unique petite shoe brand with a cause that you care about is a surefire way to attract customers.

To start simple, you could donate a percentage of profits to a charity that benefits families who don’t have the luxuries of new shoes and clothing.

If you want to get really creative, you could create a campaign to donate one pair of petite shoes for every pair purchased!

Get Started With Marketing Today!

These 5 strategies will help you get started promoting your store and selling more petite shoes!

Try implementing 2 or 3 of these strategies and then evaluate your results!

Still not sure how to use these tactics to grow your business? Contact us for more guidance, tips, and tricks!

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