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5 Common Dress Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

One of the most fun parts of getting invited to an event is the preparation! From getting your nails done to buying shoes, getting ready for an event only heightens the experience.

However, trying to find a dress for an event, no matter how fancy or informal, can be a pain. Scouring the racks for a dress that looks great, fits comfortably, and is in your price range is stressful!

Don’t let these common dress shopping mistakes stress you out! Keep reading to find out how to ensure you have the best experience picking out the perfect dress. 

1. Shopping For the Wrong Occasion

Be sure to keep the formality of your event in mind. This determines the types of dresses you’ll look for. A college party dress can be much less formal than a gala dress. You don’t want to show up under or overdressed!

Whether you’re shopping for a bridesmaid dress or you need a dress for the Regency International Pageant, narrow your search to dress for the specific occasion. 

2. Following Trends too Closely

Don’t let current trends dictate what you buy! Trends and popular dress brands come and go and can be costly to keep up with.

There are plenty of different dress styles out there to choose from, so be sure to go with what you feel confident in. Plus, this can help you stand out from everyone else.

3. Shopping Outside of Your Budget

There is nothing worse than trying on a dress and falling in love with it, only to realize it’s outside of your budget. This is particularly important when looking for dresses for weddings!

Be sure to determine a maximum price point that you would be willing to spend on a dress before entering any store. This can help you avoid dresses that are too expensive and make comparing dress costs easier. 

4. Being Close-Minded

Don’t go into a store with only a specific type of dress in mind. 

Often, expecting a particular dress can lead to disappointment if it doesn’t look the way you envisioned. It’s important to keep an open mind and to try dresses outside of your comfort zone.

You could end up finding your dream dress this way!

5. Not Knowing Your Measurements

Make sure you know what your measurements are before going dress shopping. This can impact the fit and overall look of your dress!

Similarly, if you need to make any alterations before your event, having your measurements handy can make a trip to the seamstress smooth and painless. 

Don’t Make These Dress Shopping Mistakes 

Avoiding these dress shopping mistakes can make your experience fun and exciting. You’ll never have to dread heading to the store before your next event.  

The most important thing to consider when shopping for dresses is how you feel. You should feel beautiful and confident in your dress! 

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