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9 of the Best Science Books for Girls

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Did you know that a third of women in the United States workforce have STEM occupations? While the number of women working in the field of science is rising, it is still low compared to the number of men. This is why it is important to promote an interest in science in girls from an early age.


Science books for girls can help with that. But what are the best STEM books for young girls and soon-to-be female scientists? Keep reading and learn more about your options below.


1. Rocket Girls: Sam Gold and the Case of the Missing Uranium

This is a fictional book designed for girls in upper elementary school. This is a fun story that focuses on a young girl called Sam Gold, who is trying to find a missing case of uranium. Despite its fictional setting, this book manages to be very educational.


It makes complicated information about uranium and other elements very simple for young children. This is important for making sure that young girls don’t feel overwhelmed when being introduced to these concepts. It is also a very engaging read, and many children are sure to like it.


2. Women In Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed The World

This is a great read to show young girls that women have always held important places in the world of science. It explores the lives and works of 50 different women who made unique accomplishments to change the world.


While the book has illustrations, it does not have very many. This makes it a good read for girls who are around 9th grade. The chapters are short and snappy.


This book should interest many young girls who already have an interest in science. It can also show them what women are capable of accomplishing in the STEM field.


3. Galaxy Girls: 50 Amazing Stories Of Women In Space

This book is similar to the previous one except it focuses specifically on women in space. Some of the most famous astronauts were men like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. But some very important female astronauts are less well-known today.


This book explores the accomplishments of those women in space. Each chapter focuses on a specific woman. This makes it easy to learn about many of them in a simple and organized manner.


There are some illustrations throughout the book, but not very many. This is also a book that may not be best for very young girls. But more mature girls will surely be interested.


4. All That Glitters Isn’t Gold (Rocket Girls Book 2)

This is yet another Rocket Girls book focusing on the science detective Sam Gold. This time, she explores the amazing world of different elements, such as precious metals and gems.

The book also includes 10 different science activities that young girls can do at home alone or with their parents. This is a great way to get young girls more engaged in the world of science. The book is also very engaging and fun to read.

This makes it a great choice for girls of many different ages.


5. 101 Great Science Experiments


There are many STEM books out there, but few are as entertaining as this one. This book is full of unique and interesting science experiments for children. This book goes far beyond your basic baking soda volcano.


It teaches children about how electricity works, building a circuit, building a thermometer, and more. Science experiments are ideal for getting young girls curious about how the world works. These science experiments might inspire them to try their own original experiments too.


6. Girls Think Of Everything: Stories Of Ingenious Inventions By Women

This is one of the best science picture books for girls. It has a wide variety of illustrations drawn in the same style throughout the book. Illustrations are great for capturing the attention of young girls.


It also has plenty of interesting text, which makes it a great choice for girls who are aged ten and up. Each chapter focuses on a different woman in science, which makes it easy to skim through.


7. Girls And Women In STEM: A Never-Ending Story


There are no pictures in this book, so it may not be best for very young girls. The first part of the book explores the rich history of women in the science field. The second part focuses on ways women can enter the world of STEM.


This is a perfect book for older girls contemplating getting a job in the STEM field in the future. It shows them what options are available.


8. Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments For Kids

This is yet another great book for science experiments. Children love science experiments because they are fun and produce surprising results. They also offer a hands-on approach to science.


The experiments in this book can all be easily accomplished in the kitchen.


9. Rise Of The Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, From Missiles To The Moon To Mars

This is another book that focuses on women in space and who helped others get to space. It is specifically about the women who worked at California’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the 1940s and 1950s.


They were mathematicians who made calculations that made many astronomical accomplishments possible.


All About Science Books for Girls

Science books for girls are great for getting young girls interested in science. Many of them have science experiments that can be done at home. Others offer an interesting look at STEM women in the past.


To learn more about science books for girls, check out our resources.

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