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The Importance of Hurricane Tree Removal in Longwood

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You may not think that you need it now, but hurricane tree removal in Longwood is an important part of any tree service, especially when living in Florida. Florida has seen some major storms in the past and it’s expected to see some major storms in the future. It’s best to be prepared and know a tree service that can help you remove unwanted trees when needed.

Hurricanes in Florida: Past & Present

2004 was expected to be a typical year for hurricanes. Roughly every year 2 hurricanes will strike the US Eastern seaboard. Of that number, roughly 40 % will strike the Florida coast, ravaging it with heavy winds and torrential downpour. That means that nearly every year, a single hurricane can strike. The likelihood that that hurricane is devastating to your home is a coin toss. But in 2014, 4 hurricanes struck Florida: Hurricane Charley, Hurrican Frances, Hurricane Ivan, and Hurricane Jeanne; all struck the US coast. There was $61 billion in damage, and more than half of 16 tropical cyclones struck the US. It was quite the year for hurricanes.

With such a devastating amount of Hurricanes, the reported damages were astronomical. That’s why it’s so important to consider hurricane tree removal in Longwood.

Tree removal is not just about removing fallen trees, but also examining other trees that may have suffered damage. These should be removed so the next storm doesn’t have it come down on your home or car.

What Storms Can Do to Trees

It’s important to note that many tropical trees have adjusted to harsh storms. They are shorter trees so no single tree rises above a canopy to be exposed to high winds. This is one way some trees have been able to withstand storms. Many of the taller tropical trees bend at hurricane-force winds. Plants, and pines can arch at 45-degree angles. But they can lose their leaves and eventually, grow weak and fall. That’s a frightening prospect. A tree can fall on a car or home.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a gust of wind at 75 to 89 miles per hour could uproot a whole tree. That means that a hurricane that’s category 1 has the potential of uprooting a tree on your property. You don’t want that. It’s important to note that this also depends on the type of tree, age, and root system. Oaks can easily be uprooted. But it’s important to be aware that if you have a tree, it can be a liability.

Certified Arborists

If you aren’t sure if some of your trees can withstand the winds of a hurricane, you can always call a certified arborist, who can help take a look at your tree to see its health, structure and if it could withstand a storm. At McCullough Tree Service, we have certified arborists on staff who can help.

McCullough Tree Service

As a family-owned tree service operating in Longwood, Florida, we make sure that we offer hurricane tree removal services in Longwood and storm cleanup services that can help you remove an unwanted and hazardous tree after a hurricane or damaging storm. We specialize in the removal of fallen trees for your home, building or driveway.

We are a team of dedicated professionals trying to revolutionize the tree service industry. We seek to bring the best tree services to our clients at an affordable cost leaving our clients with an experience that they will never forget.

McCullough Tree Service offers the following services:

If you have questions, contact us today to get started on a journey that will make your lawn look fresh as new.

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