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Practicing Blackjack: This Is How to Become a Better Player

We’ve all heard the house always wins. If that wasn’t at least usually the case, they’d go out of business! But of almost every game that one has the opportunity to turn the tables on the house, blackjack might well stand on top.

The problem is that the game, while easy to understand, is not an easy to master. Learning how to win at blackjack takes time and a sharp mind. 

So how do you get started? Practicing blackjack of course! Join us as we share some expert tips on how to get that edge you need to hopefully start winning big.

Tip 1: Learn the Rules and Variants

Look, unless money is just burning a hole in your pocket, at least learn the rules of the games you’re playing. Practicing blackjack properly requires you at least understand things like splitting and insurance. If you’re just a casual player, these rules may not come up very often, but they matter a lot if you want to master the game.

If you actually want to become a blackjack master, memorize all the rules, including any variants the casinos you intend to visit offer. It’s not very exciting or flashy a tip but it’s probably the most important. A gambling pro needs to know every option available to them at all times.

Tip 2: Insurance is a Bad Bet

Now that you’ve memorized the rules, you may have already stumbled upon an interesting fact: Insurance is a bad bet.

Unless perhaps you’re a master card counter or downright cheater (and they are different, even if both can get you ejected), the simple truth is that the dealer is going to have blackjack less than a third of the time. 

To condense some of the math of the situation, insurance bets mean you are going to lose money, on average. And remember, you’re studying and practicing blackjack to win. Real winners know the odds.

Tip 3: For Real, Know the Odds

One of the biggest mistakes new gamblers make is betting for any other reason because either the rules of a game require it or because the odds are in their favor. Betting for almost literally any other reason is just asking to lose money. 

This is why blackjack is fairly popular among expert gamblers; the odds are only slightly in favor of the house (which is the best you can hope for in a casino game). 

However, that all assumes you’re playing correctly. If you don’t know the basics of when to hit and stay, you’re going to lose money and fast. 

New gamblers often hit and stay based on how they feel. They bet random amounts of money too, rather than betting methodically so as to have the best chance of coming out richer rather than poorer by the day’s end. They basically just hope they’re they will be the equivalent of a local lottery winner making it big.

You’re not here to win the lottery (and if you are, maybe adjust your expectations). If you want to play blackjack, learn how to bet! You’ll make more money (or at least lose less) and get to play much longer.

Tip 4: Bet What You Can Lose

You came to this article because you want to get better at blackjack and intend to do some practicing. Hopefully, this means you can admit you’re not likely to be winning more than losing, at least for now.

While it is incredibly obvious to some, this tip still needs to be highlighted. You must only ever bet what you can lose.

This isn’t just what separates gamblers from casual players; it separates healthy players from gambling addicts. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun but you need to know your cut off point.

Along similar lines, don’t think when you lose big that suddenly you are going to become better at blackjack if you just bet more. A big newbie mistake is trying to overcorrect with big bets after a loss; this behavior can just dig you deeper into the hole.

Things aren’t all as deadly serious when it comes to knowing what you can lose though; many gamblers put money from early wins aside so they at least have something when they leave, which is alright.

At the same time, bigger bets also mean bigger wins. Exactly what you’re comfortable losing depends on your own situation. It is just a good idea to have a set amount in mind and not gamble any more than that, even if you have a bad night and lose it quickly.

Tip 5: Have Fun But Stay Focused

Casinos can be full of spectacle. Dealers are dressed fancy, alcohol is usually available, and there can be something of a “party” atmosphere. 

This can all be great fun but it doesn’t help you win. Unsurprisingly, being drunk does not help you win blackjack. Meanwhile, onlookers might make you feel supported but they can also distract you from actually knowing when to hit and stay.

It’s certainly possible to stay focused and win in this atmosphere, you just need to be mindful. You can also try a live online casino for a fun experience at home that may make mindful playing easier!

Whatever you do, don’t just make moves or bets because you feel pressured to from outside forces like a crowd or dealer’s smile. A true gambling pro knows how to zen out and focus on smart plays. That will give you the best chance of winning big.

Start Practicing Blackjack Today

Truly playing and practicing blackjack takes some real dedication if you want to start winning. It often requires a person to really start to look at gambling almost like a sport, rather than the fun diversion amateurs often see it as.

If you’re interested in other gambling content, we’d love for you to check out more of our articles! We’ve also got plenty of other pieces in a variety of subjects if there’s anything else you’d like to check out too.


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