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Fogco Announces Its Acquisition of Snap-Fan Solar National Air Propulsion

Fogco has announced its acquisition of SnapFan Solar National Air Propulsion. Fogco looks to expand its footprint in the ventilation market, which compliments its mission of providing reliable high-pressure fog and misting solutions to residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Chandler, Arizona, December 6, 2022— Fogco, an innovative manufacturer of high-pressure fog and misting systems, has acquired Snap-Fan Solar National Air Propulsion. SnapFan is a leading manufacturer and innovator of energy-efficient ventilation and air moving equipment for commercial and residential horticulture.

Snap-Fan products include environmentally friendly industrial multi-fan systems, greenhouse air circulation systems, and solar-powered fans, among other ventilation systems. The company serves a large customer base with high customer retention mainly due to its differentiated product solutions that have delivered customers significantly enhanced results as compared to existing, commoditized industry solutions. These results are based on a culture of innovation and long-term research dating back to the early 90s. Moreover, SnapFan has also pioneered the solar fan category, which provides unique solutions to many different industries and applications.

“When I made my first solar-powered fan at Alternative Energy Engineering in 1988, I never imagined how my career would develop or how the technology available would evolve. I am honored to join the Fogco team and to help write the next chapter of Fogco and SnapFan. Our cutting-edge Electronically Commutated Solar Direct Fans and industry-leading AC-powered Crop Level Airflow products will complement Fogco’s comprehensive product lines both in quality, efficiency and ultimately in delivering better solutions to our customers. Together we have solutions for most ‘Fog&Fan’ requirements, be it industrial, commercial, or residential,” explained Lucien Eddisford, the founder and former owner of SnapFan, during the acquisition announcement.

The products are already changing lives in disaster relief efforts, large-scale Agritech projects, and remote, off-the-grid homes. SnapFan has also been at the forefront of research on renewable energy sources in the ventilation industry bringing products that greatly increase Crop Level Airflow, reduce greenhouse energy consumption and increase crop yields.

The acquisition of Snap-Fan is in line with Fogco’s mission of providing modern, eco-friendly cooling, humidification and dust/odor suppression equipment for indoor and outdoor applications. This acquisition is a continuation of Fogcos expansion into the horticulture industry and its ability to continue to pioneer and offer industry-leading technologies.

“Fogco was initially established in 1989 and since, we’ve experienced strong growth and have expanded our product line delivering solutions to our customers in many sectors.  Our pursuit of innovation, quality products and solving complex customer environmental challenges has helped propel Fogco to become one of the leaders in our industry. We are very excited about the recent acquisition of SnapFan, their high quality, unique product mix and I welcome Lucien and his company to Fogco. Together, we look forward to continue to provide superior, innovative, and effective solutions to our customers,” Gary Wintering, Fogco founder and CEO, commented during the launch.

About Fogco: 

Fogco is a leading High-Pressure Misting company based in Chandler, Arizona. The company researches and produces misting and fog equipment for industrial, commercial, and residential use.

The company provides cooling, humidification, dust, and odor control to a myriad of industries. Its customers span sectors such as (i) industrial customers, including greenhouse farmers, greenhouse builders, horticulture facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, cannabis grow sites, energy and transfer stations, recycling and solid waste facilities, construction & demolition, paper mills, and animal structures, (ii) commercial customers in hotel/hospitality, entertainment complexes, outdoor & indoor gathering venues and restaurants, and (iii) residential customers.

About SnapFan Solar National Air Propulsion:

Lucien Eddisford founded Snap-Fan Solar Air Propulsion in the early ’90s. Lucien started the company to offer renewable energy solutions to remote homes that were off-the-grid at the time of the company’s inception. SnapFan competes in a commoditized fan market via developing and manufacturing fan products that deliver lower total cost of ownership, greater effectiveness, lower energy consumptions, and increased crop yields depending on the environment.

Since, the company’s customer base has increased to include farmers, residential and commercial property owners, and various manufacturing sectors. It has many ventilation products, including brushless airflow systems, AC controllers, exhaust shatters, multi-fan industrial systems, and replacement parts. Snap-Fan’s extensive product range includes AC, DC, and EC fan motors with single-speed and variable-speed capabilities.

Contact Information:

Contact Name: Dana Pack
Address: 600 South 56th Street #9, Chandler, AZ 85226
Phone number: (888) 977-4393

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