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3 Steps for Publishing in a Scientific Journal

Publishing a scientific journal is a great way of getting your research out there and having it evaluated by a professional team.

However, with plenty of options out there to publish on the internet, it can seem like hard work.

Don’t give up. A scientific journal article is still the best way to get noticed in the scientific community, so you should press on.

Here’s everything you need to know about publishing in a scientific journal.

1. Get It Peer-Reviewed

Every scientific piece of research needs to be peer-reviewed before it can be published in a scientific reports journal. Your research must be evaluated and scrutinized by your peers. Your research needs to have credibility for it to stand up to inspection.

You won’t be able to get your products marketed on sites like UMBRELLA Chemical unless the scientific community proves they’re safe. And the best process for achieving this is through the peer-review process.

This process can take months. Sometimes it can even take a year. But don’t skip it, as most academic journals won’t take a journal that hasn’t been peer-reviewed.

Be sure to respond to any feedback the reviewers give you, and update your research before you resubmit it.

Remember, there are always barriers to entry even if you want your research to be published in the Journal of Procrastination.

2. Don’t Cut Corners

It’s easy to cut corners when it comes to research. If an experiment isn’t going your way, then you may want to decide to make up the data or slightly exaggerate some of it, tidy some of it up.

If you do this and get caught, you will lose all credibility within the scientific community and will likely be blacklisted from publishing a journal article ever again. Furthermore, it could have consequences for your academic career. If you’re in the midst of a PhD or another qualification, then you could be suspended or investigated for cheating.

Make sure your article is properly spell-checked and referenced before you send it to print. It’s competitive to get a journal article published, and you need to give yourself a fighting chance.

3. Don’t Self-Publish

As it’s so competitive to get a journal article published, it can be easy to think you can set up your own magazine or to dump your research onto the internet in a blog. You might get more traction this way from the public, but this doesn’t come with any prestige, and the comments of uninformed members of the public count for little.

Instead, hold off until a journal will take you, as it’s much better to be recognized by the scientific community.

Prepare Your Research For A Scientific Journal

Prepare your research for a scientific journal by carrying out your experiments properly and spell-checking your article before it gets sent off. Be patient while you wait for your journal to be peer-reviewed, and don’t skip this step, however tempting it is.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to prepare your research for a scientific journal, be sure to check out the rest of our site. 

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