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7 Top Questions to Ask to Help You Find an Electrician

Having some electrical faults in your home?

Some folks think they’re better off fixing it themselves, but there are several reasons to hire a professional, rather than incurring an accident.

When it’s time to hire, you want someone who has experience, fully insured and knows what type of work you need without spending lots of time running up a bill. Quality contractors exist, but how do you find them?

Check out our guide on the top seven questions you need to ask before choosing an electrician. You’ll feel confident in their abilities and know that you’ve selected the right person for the job.

1. Are You Insured?

This seems obvious, but many people worry so much about the price that they forget to ask if their electrician is insured. Insurance sounds like something unnecessary and extra–until you need it.

Suppose your electrician accidentally damages your property while working. Because they have insurance, this can cover the damages caused to your property.

This means you can feel confident that even if something happens, the damages can get fixed easily enough without you losing additional money and time fixing them yourself.

When your electrician has insurance, you’re protected in the event that a problem arises. Make sure your contractor has insurance before you go a step further in the interview process, and you’ll get on the right path to finding a quality professional.

2. What Kind of Licensing Do You Have?

Licensing is important since this is how electricians are not only educated but also to protect you, much the same as insurance. If something occurs, you’ll have a license number to work with, whereas contractors who don’t have a license can disappear, leaving you high and dry.

Just as you wouldn’t select an unlicensed doctor to perform surgery on you, you shouldn’t pick an electrician who doesn’t have state credentials and an education behind their name.

Consider this one of the basics, and take it as a sign if your electrician of choice balks at you asking this question; that means it’s time to find a new one.

3. When Trying to Find an Electrician Ask “Does Your Company Have a Website?”

A website can tell you a lot about the electrician and the company they work for. This includes factors such as:

  • The type of work they do or specialize in
  • How long they’ve been operating
  • Any specific experience of the owners and their crew
  • How to get in touch

One such example of a quality website is that of Elektriker Oslo. As long as you can find everything you need on a clear and comprehensive website, consider this a step in the right direction.

4. Find Out: Do You Have References From Previous Clients?

Even if everything else checks out so far, part of knowing how to find a good electrician is checking their references from previous clients. An electrician with a solid track record won’t hesitate to give you the names and numbers of satisfied clients who had a good experience with them.

Some basic questions to ask include:

  • What type of work was done
  • How much the contractor went over the estimated cost if any
  • How long the work took for them to finish

When in doubt, check out reviews from the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or other review sites. Sure, you might run into some dissatisfied people, but you’ll get an honest chance to see how the electrician stacks up.

Consider asking for references just one of the many steps in the process of discovering if the electrician you’ve selected is the right person for you.

5. How Long Your Company Has Been In Business?

Asking how long the company has been in business needs to get considered carefully. Just because they’ve been around for a long time does not make them good. Not all new companies are sub-par, either.

But finding out how many years a company’s been operating can provide you valuable insight into their abilities, how they handle problems, and if they’re equipped to meet your needs.

If a company won’t state how long they’ve been in business or you catch them in a lie, watch out, and look elsewhere.

Reviewing the company’s abilities and skills is important before deciding if you’ll hire them, whether you’re looking for a contractor to work on your business or your home.

6. Does Your Company Provide Pricing Up Front?

You already know that if you’re hiring an electrician, you won’t come away with a low price tag. Of course, quality work is the most important consideration, but you deserve to know what you’ll need to pay up front.

Certain types of work might qualify for a quote that gets considered as a flat rate. Other companies or jobs charge by the hour.

Review the prices carefully, since work by the hour can cost more than you realize if the contractor works on it longer than expected. Proceed with caution for any company that doesn’t provide their prices up front, since you have high potential to walk away with a heavy price tag.

7. Do You Need Permits Before You Can Start Work?

Permits remain a common occurrence in the electrical world, especially if an inspection’s required. Make a point to find out if permits are needed before work begins.

Another warning sign that you’re working with a less-than-quality electrician is someone who refuses to use permits or asks you to get them. If you see this in your quest to find the right professional, look for someone else.

Learn More

If you’re trying to find an electrician, it can be a lengthy process if you don’t know what questions to ask. Once you’ve effectively screened, it’s easier to ensure that you’ll get quality work done, no matter what your needs.

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