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Podcasting Omaha: Podcasting Is Great For SEO

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Originally Posted On: Podcasting Omaha: Podcasting Is Great For SEO

Have you found yourself googling “Podcasting Omaha”, in an attempt to figure out if podcasting can help your business? Then you’ve come to the right place.

One idiom that can be used, to sum up the podcasting industry is “what goes around comes around”. Usually, technological advancements work linearly, and when TV replaced radio in the 1950s, no one ever thought that the non-visual format would come back into prominence again.

However, podcasting has proved that theory wrong. Over 55 percent of Americans have listened to podcasts, and podcasters such as Joe Rogan have arguably obtained more influence and popularity than some TV stars.

If you’re looking to increase the popularity of your business, you might want to start podcasting. This article will walk you through all you need to know about podcasting marketing and podcast production in Omaha.


If you’re not a fan of podcasts yourself, it can seem strange to discover that people are choosing a form of entertainment that involves no visuals, when we live in such a visual world. However, this is precisely why podcasts are successful.

You can listen to a podcast no matter where you are. This makes them perfect for people with long commutes, people who like to bike, people who like to cook, and people who like to run.

Runners are able to keep updated with funny, informative, and sometimes even narrative podcasts, without having to miss out on their running time. People on commutes are able to explore a world that offers a lot more variety than the world of talk radio.

Strangely enough, some people even find podcasts comforting to work to. The sound of people’s voices talking in the background is enough to put them into a focused state.

If you’re new to podcasts, you almost might be surprised that they’re so popular, given the improvisatory nature of so many of them. Whereas Netflix provides plenty of complex, dense, highly-scripted options, almost every podcast is off-the-cuff. They range from interviews to comedy podcasts to storytelling podcasts to everything in between, but the improvisatory flair is always there.

People enjoy this off-the-cuff feeling, largely, because they’re intimate — it reminds them of hanging out with their friends. Many podcasts are based on the unique dynamic that only a close-knit group of friends can have. Discovering who the podcasts are as people, and learning to understand their inside jokes is paramount to the enjoyment of many podcast fans.

If you could get people hooked on a podcast, you could easily build up brand recognition with your most loyal fans. Podcasts let your customers meet you as people, which is why they’re so important.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the marketing strategy of the future. This is largely due to the fact that SEO isn’t about telling people to come to buy your products or hire your services, but showing them the way.

Using SEO usually involves making use of keywords to drive traffic to your website. A good SEO campaign will do some research into local trends, and figure out what people are searching for when they’re searching for their product. Once they realize what keywords are being used, they pepper those keywords throughout their website, then to the top of search engine results.

Why is it important to get to the top of search engine results? Because less than one percent of people click through to the second page of a Google result. If you can’t get on that first page and a competitor near you can, you’re as good as gone from the internet.

(However, it should be noted that you can’t simply spam a keyword on your site to try to build up SEO. Search engines have algorithms that check this, and if they see you’re doing it, they’ll send you to the bottom of the results.)

Let’s take a look at an example of how a local business might use SEO.


A hamburger restaurant does some analytics and discovers that people are often searching “cheap fries near me”. They also discover that the people searching this the most are people under the age of 18.

From there, they focus on advertising their fries, perhaps even bringing the price down. They put out ads for their cheap fries and pepper in the phrase “cheap fries near me” in the description box and throughout their website. This drives clicks to their website, where people can discover all of the great deals this hamburger restaurant has to offer.

SEO can get a bit complicated when you get into the world of trying to outsmart your competitors. You have to weigh the importance of certain keywords, and figure out which battles are worth fighting. Sometimes, it’s best to gain the advantage of a keyword over your competitors, other times, it’s best to simply focus on a different keyword.


Now that you understand why SEO and Podcasting are so popular in today’s day and age, you can better understand how podcasting can benefit your business. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why podcasting is great for SEO.


One of the most unique things about podcasting, as an industry is that it’s completely based online. The podcasting industry has gotten closer and closer to the mainstream as more and more people have gained access to the internet. If you want to drive people towards your online content, there’s no better way to get them online than by developing a podcast.

When people are encouraged to listen to a podcast you’re developing, they’re encouraged to spend time with you online. If you advertise your podcast in your store and on social media and make your podcast available on your website, you’re creating a reason why people want to come to your website in the first place. As well as keywords, the number of people who are already on your website increases your SEO ranking.

If you deal with a market that doesn’t normally go online, this is a great way to make them engage. Introducing the idea of looking for your products through an online forum is a great way to make sure they search for your products. Mentioning some products you have during your podcast is also a great way to drive people to try to find them on your site.


If you’re looking for a more direct reason why to use podcasts for SEO, consider the fact that you can put your keywords right on your podcast episode. Whenever you upload an episode, you’re going to have the option to add your description. Pepper the keywords you’re using this week to bump yourself up in search engine results.

You can also use your favorite keywords in your advertisements for your podcast, and even casual posts among friends. The algorithm won’t ding you for this, because you have legitimate content to back it up.

The more content you produce, the more opportunities you’ll have for adding SEO.


If you associate podcasts with kids simply because they’re something that’s online, you’re in for a surprise. 45 percent of podcasts have an income of 75,000 or more, and by the year 2023, there are expected to be over 164 million active users in the United States.

Even if you don’t consider your target demographic “podcast listeners” now, they might very well be in a couple of years. Furthermore, you can lead the way, introducing your client base to the wonderful world of podcasting.

If your podcast is good enough, its presence on the internet makes it extremely easy to share with your friends and family members. If you hit it well enough, you might just lead a whole group of people into the future.


One of the reasons people might give for not getting into Omaha podcasts is that they just don’t know how to do it. Podcasting is easy, sure, all you need to do is to record yourself talking…

But what do you talk about? You can’t just ramble for thirty minutes to an hour, that would bore people’s brains out.

How are you supposed to record audio? You could just talk into your phone, but this will come out sounding unprofessional. If you want all of the aspects of your business to be in line, you don’t want your podcast to sound unprofessional.

How do you edit it? Of course, most podcasts aren’t just long unbroken streams of speaking. A good podcast is like a good TV show in that it has music to break apart sections, a theme song, editing: both for pace and to get the best takes.

However, editing software is expensive, and you might just not have time to learn the skills involved in editing yourself. Editing yourself can make the product come out sloppy.

Lastly, what’s the best way to upload? Sure you can just stick it on your website, but what about upload times? What format is best for your file?

Thankfully, these are the questions and concerns that our business was designed to address. We take the boring and technical part of the podcast off your hands, so you can focus on your creativity.


At 316 Strategy Group Omaha, we’ll give you a list of topics to talk about, so you’re never caught unprepared. We’ll also provide you with all of the equipment you need, edit, and upload your podcast for you. Your podcast won’t just be an extension of your business, but a wonderfully fun thing to listen to in its own right.

As stated earlier, in this day and age, every aspect of your business needs to be in ship shape. A shoddy podcast will make people expect shoddy service. When people expect shoddy service, they’re far less likely to want to stop by your website.


As we covered in a previous article, podcasts are a great way to build loyalty. However, what we didn’t share with you there is that they’re so great at building loyalty because podcasting fans are famously loyal. 

Unlike TV shows, which undergo changes in writing staff, changes in cast, and over-the-top production tactics, podcasts almost always stay true to themselves. It’s not uncommon to find someone listening to the same podcast for years and years on end without fail.

This is the exact type of relationship you want to build with your customers.

Brand loyalty is extremely important in our rapidly changing world. Just as important as gaining new customers is making sure your customers come back. Any successful small business owner will tell you that they make most of their profit from their “regulars”.

When you make use of business podcasts, you link up the culture of these regulars with the culture of loyal podcast fans. It’s practically a breeding ground for loyalty.


If you live in Omaha and are looking for some good Omaha SEO research, we hope we’ve provided you with some answers.

Podcasting is extremely important because it allows people to have an intimate experience on the go. SEO is important because it allows people a road to your business, without you having to market to them directly. When you combine them, you make use of the best of what the 21st century has to offer.

Now, you don’t need to search “podcasting Omaha” anymore, and can instead focus on your own podcast.

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