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Ware, MA Hard Water Problems

Since 2015 residents of Ware, MA have made it clear they do not love dirty water. Ever since that 2015 Selectboard meeting where residents held up bottles of discolored water, their are still problems with Ware’s water.

In 2018 Ware officials announced a boil water order instructing residents to boil their water for at least one minute before use after E. Coli was found.

Officials said that a water sample collected from the cistern source tested positive for the bacteria and total coliform bacteria was found in previous cistern source samples collected days earlier.

Most recently in 2020, a presentation regarding the Water Filtration Plant on Barnes Street explained the high levels of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) and what it will cost to address the issues.

An update was presented in October 2020 with more information on the cost and what future actions will be taken. Including submitting a new application to the USDA and considerations for grant and loan applications.

Would a water softening system fix this issue in your home? Maybe.

Improve water quality in your home

Instead of waiting for the Town of Ware to make improvements to the water supply, why not consider improving the water with a filtration and softening system for your home?

What is a water softener system?

A water softener is a type of water filtration system that removes impurities from water. Impurities like deposits of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) can be found in excess in hard water.

As hard water flows through the water softening system, the filters reduce and remove these impurities to deliver softened water to the rest of your home or business.

The result is reduced calcium deposits and other impurities making their way into your plumbing which can affect appliances like dishwashers, and heating systems like boilers and radiators.

Is Ware’s water hard?

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of hard water. If you live in Ware, MA, you can tell us if you experience any of these signs:

  • Does your water have a mineral taste?

    • Without using a Pur or Brita filter, does your water have a mineral taste? If so, your water is likely hard.
  • Is there signs of residue?

    • You might see stains on dishes, utensils, and on bathroom appliances like your sink and bath tub.
  • Are you experiencing unusually dry skin and hair?

    • It is tough to tell during the winter months, but hard water will leave your skin really dry and your hair scaly.

If any of these signs are true, it is possible you have hard water and you should have your water tested.

A water softening system can help

Even though your home is located in Ware, each home may have different needs related to their plumbing.

In order to make sure a water softening system is right for your home, we can schedule a consult. Our technicians can take a look at your system, and find out where there may be issues with your plumbing or with the water supply.

Looking at your complete system is always the best approach to making sure the water coming in remains clean and safe for your family.

Contact us today for a quick consultation.

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