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Pike Fishing in the Winter

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So you want to go freeze in the winter to catch some pike? Hell yeah!

Let’s just be clear, we never freeze when we go ice fishing thanks to a portable heater in a pop up ice fishing tent. On the nice days, we do not bother setting up a warm spot to go, but when it’s a little chilly for our liking or we decide to stay to go ling fishing we are warm.

Besides being warm, let’s talk about pike fishing. You might wonder why a person would actually want to catch a pike. For us, we really enjoy eating winter pike. Others find them fun to fish in summer and in the winter.

Why do pike act different in the winter?

In the winter, pike tend to be lazier then in the summertime. This means they are not as active. For instance, in the summer months pike like to chase a flashy spoon and they slam your bait. In the winter, under the ice, the pike prefer a dead bait, or a bait that is not hard to catch.

Where to catch pike under the ice?

In the lake silly! Sorry a little humor there. Seriously though, in the winter pike tend to travel to different areas of a lake depending on the time of winter it is. But most of the time, you can target winter pike in depths of 15 to 30 feet of water.

During mid winter pike tend to move deeper keeping their usual hide and attack method in place. This means they will be found around structure such as rocky bottoms and live weeds.

What is your favourite time to pike fish? Let’s read it below!

As the ice starts to melt out, winter pike can be found cruising closer to shore

Pike Ice Fishing on a Tip Up

As the pike fishing in the winter comes to an end in our area, we still enjoy getting out on the lake. The months March and April seem to produce more pike ice fishing bites. Pike tend to spawn this time and go on a feeding frenzy just before spawn.

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