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The Top 5 Best Nursing Jobs

“Save one life, and you’re a hero, save one hundred lives, and you’re a nurse.”

Have you read that inspirational quote before? Yes, becoming a nurse can save lives!

Earning a nursing degree and going into the medical field is an excellent option for your career. Not only is it a much-needed job, but it is also known to be immensely satisfying as you care for those in need.

But there is not only one way to do nursing. There are numerous job opportunities available within the field. Finding the best one for you is vital to your job happiness and success.

Keep reading to see our top 5 best nursing jobs.

1. Registered Hospital Nurse

Hospital nurses work standard shifts in hospitals or medical facilities. They may work in the ER, maternity ward or general wards.

Job duties include standard nursing tasks such as taking vital signs, helping to manage and care for patients, assisting doctors and administering medication. There are also countless opportunities to advance your skills and earning potential in this particular field.

2. Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses are personal care nurses that visit patients in their homes and provide regular care. The amount of time spent with each patient will vary according to their needs. In some instances, a nurse may need to stay many hours, or they may only need to stay for short periods of time.

Duties range from physical therapy, daily activities, and even total care, all depending on the patient’s needs. There is a great demand for these kinds of nurses, and salaries are expected to rise.

3. Outpatient Care Nurse

Outpatient care nurses generally work in care facilities. Their role is to provide routine care for patients who have just been through treatments or medical procedures.

Duties of the job include monitoring patients, cleaning wounds, checking the progression of a surgical procedure and more. There is quite a need in this field, and the salaries tend to be higher.

4. Care Facility Nurse

Nursing professionals working within a nursing care home are tasked with providing high levels of care to their patients. Much of the work involves caring for the elderly, but sometimes includes younger patients who have special needs.

Job duties include regular care and support of patients, administering medication, checking vital signs and assisting the doctors to work. This is well known to be a satisfying job, with many nurses creating bonds with their patients.

5. Physician’s Office Nurse

Nurses working within a physicians office help to provide routine care to patients.

The variety of job duties include taking vital signs, checking patients history, administering medications, shots, and vaccinations. They also take part in examinations and consultations with patients and spend time consulting with a physician about the best treatments available for the patient.

This is also a growing field, with more private facilities opening up throughout the USA. It’s also a good option for specific work such as in pediatric offices and other specialized areas of medicine.

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Find the Best Nursing Jobs

As you can see, there are several wonderful opportunities in the world of nursing. And these top 5 best nursing jobs that we’ve mentioned have only just scratched the surface!

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