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5 Reasons Why Your Fire Department Needs a BK Radio

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The market for land mobile radios is worth $8.24 billion and is expected to reach $20.82 by 2022. They help professionals communicate during emergencies, making them an essential tool for any fire department. The high demand for quality mobile radios has lead to an influx of providers, and it can be difficult to choose among all the options. A BK radio is one of the best types available today.

These radios are manufactured by BK Technologies. The company’s commitment to quality and meeting international standards means they create better products for you. Their radios allow for clearer communication and are more durable, affordable, safer, and simpler to use.

These radios improve the efficiency and quality of your department’s communication regardless of its size or budget. Read on for 5 reasons to get a BK upgrade or start using the devices for the first time in your fire department.

1. Improved Communication

Cell phones and two-way radios are two of the most common ways for fire departments and other emergency personnel to communicate. They both have their pros and cons, but two-way radios have emerged over time as the clear winner.

The most important two-way radio benefits relate to how they improve the quality and speed of messages between your team. They improve communication thanks to increased volume and distance combined with a one-to-many signal system.

A message gets lost if it isn’t heard in the wilderness or the noisy, hectic scene of a fire. The increased volume of a BK radio helps prevent this by providing clearer, louder audio outputs.

Two-way radios also spread their messages over long distances. They also allow all officers who are tuned in to the correct stations to hear the messages. This is essential for fire departments that need a large team to work together to handle an emergency.

BK radios provide the best possible communication you can get. They send your message as far as it needs to go and make sure everyone on the channel can hear it. These radios are by the only major manufacuerer left, that are designed and built in the USA.

2. Durability

Firefighting is a dangerous job that requires going into treacherous terrain, and every piece of equipment must be able to keep up, including your radio. You must look for the most durable option on the market, and very few match the strength of a BK radio.

Every BK radio includes a sturdy waterproof housing. This should easy any worries about where you take it or what splashes onto it. You won’t lose your signal or be unable to receive or send information.

This durability is also a way to save time and money on replacements and repairs. It makes simple economic sense to pay for a radio that lasts for years instead of one that breaks down in a few months.

3. Meeting Standards

Prolonged exposure to radio frequencies can be dangerous to the human body. There are several laws and regulations meant to protect people from these side effects, but not all radio manufacturers follow them.

All BK radios meet the standards set by the IEEE or the Insitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the FCC or Federal Communications Commission, and Canadian ICES-003 regulations. No matter where in the world you use them, you can ensure you’ll be exposed to a safe level of RF energy.

Knowing that BK radios meet these standards helps ensure that they’ll be safe for every member of your department to use. It also represents a commitment by the manufacturer to create quality products.

4. Lower Cost

The average fire station costs at least $500,000, and 68% of these stations are volunteer operations with no revenue base to recoup the costs. Anything that helps keep costs down is a worthwhile investment.

Equipment is a major expense for any department. It can cost as much as $9410 to outfit a single firefighter. Radios are a part of this expense, especially in large areas like national parks or big cities. Department heads must find an option that fits their budget without sacrificing performance.

A BK radio costs about half as much as other two-way radios but provide more features and a higher level of quality. They’re perfect for all departments from the smallest volunteer operations to the largest stations that just want to save a bit of money.

5. Simplicity

Any new device can be difficult to get used to, and forcing a complicated new technology onto your department will only decrease their performance. It’s best to look for simple but effective options that provide great service without being difficult to use.

It’s easy to start receiving BK radio benefits right away because the learning curve for these devices is small. They don’t have excessive controls to learn and make it easy for officers to send and receive the message. This also cuts down on training time.

A BK radio provides clearer communication than a cell phone or other communication device but is also more durable, safer, simpler, and affordable than other radios. These features make them the best option for your fire department.

Look for these benefits and other important qualities when choosing a fire department radio. Be sure to look for one with easy-to-use knobs, a non-slip rubber texture, a glass screen, additional safety features, and the best possible mic.

Where Can I Get a BK Radio?

A two-way radio is just as important for the working firefighter as an axe or hose. It allows every member of the department to communicate with one another about where to go and what to do in order to deal with an emergency.

BK Technologies is a dedicated manufacturer of two-way radios that ensures all its products meet standards for the RF-levels they emit. They’re effective, strong, safe, affordable, and simple to use, making them perfect for departments of any size.

Part of choosing the best BK radio is finding the right provider to purchase it from. It ensures you get the highest quality products at a fair price.

We have a range of radios and accessories to choose from to keep every member of your department in the loop. Browse our BK radios and accessories today.

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