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Blue Sky Scrub Hat Styles

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If your work attire consists of scrubs and nothing but scrubs, fear not; Blue Sky Scrubs has the perfect advice for you. We can’t seem to brag enough about our collection of designer scrub caps. In a medical setting, not only is your scrub cap necessary for sanitation purposes, but it can also become a beautiful addition to a boring work uniform.

Our Pixie Design

Short hair, don’t care! If you have short hair (you don’t have to be sporting a pixie cut, of course) then you’ll adore our line of Pixie scrub hats. The back of these caps are completely enclosed, keeping your hair secure underneath the fabric. That’s great for ease and efficiency while performing important procedures all day.

The Poppy Design

The best attribute in our Poppy scrub cap is its versatility. This cap will fulfill whatever purpose you need it to: Pony tail or not, we’ve got you covered. You can also choose from a variety of colors and patterns to accentuate your regular work attire. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

The Pony Scrub Hat

Its name might have given it away- but our gorgeous Pony scrub caps are perfect for the working woman’s ponytail. Whether your hair is thick, thin, tame or unruly- this scrub hat will do wonders for keeping it pulled back and out of your way.

At Blue Sky Scrubs, we’re devoted to delivering cute, stylish scrub hats that still meet all your standards of efficiency, durability, and professionalism. In addition to these different styles, our caps also come in several adorable patterns. Mix up your work uniforms with patterns like stripes, paisleys, halloween themes, and so much more.

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