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Patio Equipment Ideas for Long Periods in Your Backyard…

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Patios at home can provide lots of outdoor fun and entertainment possibilities but when it comes to thinking of how to utilize your patio, quite often your mind can go blank.

Below I’ve attempted to list as many ideas of what kind of patio equipment you can buy, especially if you’re going to be spending long periods at home in the next few months.

Whether it’s sitting down with your feet up, you’re looking for a canopy to relax under or maybe something else.

Check out below, hopefully, there’s something that can provide you with that little bit of inspiration.


There are lots of different types of gazebos to choose from, here are 3 types that are the most common.

Hardtop gazebo

hardtop gazebo is an outdoor shelter that’s known by lots of different names, such as; pergola with a roof,  polycarbonate gazebo, and also a ‘permanently outdoor gazebo’.

Hardtop gazebos by no surprise is a robust wood or metal frame with a solid roof that can protect against downpours and most of them are also strong enough to protect against snow load, should your state experience harsh winters.

As mentioned, the roof can be made of a variety of hard-wearing materials such as; powder-coated steel, polycarbonate, and also treated wood.  All these materials are very similar in strength and are more than capable of protecting you in 99.9% of weather conditions.  See top rated HERE

Soft Top Gazebos

Soft top gazebos are well known as a temporary shelter that can be built quicker than a hardtop and can also be left outdoors all year round.  However, it’s recommended that you remove the canopy section as it’s material, unlike a hardtop where they are solid.

The material is super-strong but it won’t stand up to downpours and snow load as well as a hardtop.  On the upside, these types of shelter are much cheaper, easier to assemble, and take down as a hardtop.

You will receive mosquito nets with most models of this shelter and even if you don’t, you can buy them separately, however, when choosing a soft top, it is always advisable to buy one with them already included.

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Pop up Canopies

Pop up canopies are perfect for last-minute decisions.  Also known as EZ-UP canopies, they are suitable for spur of the moment decisions when you suddenly decide to hold a party and they can be built in less than 2 minutes and taken down just as quickly.

They are far cheaper than a hardtop and soft top and are very versatile as you can take them to tailgate parties, to a local park or to a beach, and also camping.

Pop up canopies are not as strong as a hardtop and soft top gazebo but for the price that should be expected and it’s recommended they are only used in pleasant weather conditions.

Some pop-up canopies are fully waterproof, whilst the cheaper ones are normally just water-resistant.

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Outdoor bench for the Patio

Outdoor benches offer your guests a welcoming and comfy place to set whenever they visit. We recommend you to buy some roomy chairs that have storage compartments.

You can also use these outdoor benches to hold your gardening tools, grilling equipment, extra cushions, and much more.

These benches vary in price; you can find one that suits your budget and interior.

You can also opt for foldable chairs; they are ideal for backyard parties and handy as well.

Bistro set for the Patio

Well, the bistro set is perfect for couples to enjoy fancy dinner or casual breakfast. It provides a small but very romantic space to eat with your special guest.

We prefer you to buy a three-piece set, including 2 chairs and a table. It will be the best option if you don’t have the room for giant dining sets.

You can also consider buying a bistro set with table umbrellas that provide shade. In this way, you can enjoy yourself with your partner while it’s raining.

Bistros are much affordable than larger dining sets, so it’s easy to find one in your budget.

Landscape lighting

Your patio interior is incomplete without landscape lighting. A series of some stake lights around your outdoor Patio is an inexpensive way to lighten your place.

These lights will provide illumination for night get-togethers. Besides, path lighting is a fun option so that your guests can explore your backyard. You can find many inexpensive ideas that can work according to your budget.

Patio umbrellas

The patio umbrellas can make your escape from the heat, especially on a hot summer day. A stylish umbrella can provide shade and style to your Patio.

These umbrellas are available in different colors, sizes, and designs, with the water-resisting materials.

You can use large patio umbrellas in the center of your outdoor dining table. Make sure to buy an umbrella that suits your patio size and interior.

Chaise lounges

You can decorate your Patio with a chaise lounge as it makes it look more stylish plus comfy.

It is also the best way to get to sunbath and relax on your Patio.

These lounges can be made of using wood, wicker, metal, or any synthetic material. The price depends on your choice of equipment.

Some lounges feature upholstery and comfy cushions, while some are available with bare seats with simple designs.

Look for the chaise lounge with foldable design, so you can store it when not in use or move them in the rainy season.

Outdoor Patio Armchairs

These chairs can be as luxurious as living room chairs. The exception is that these chairs typically feature weather-resistant cushions and frames.

Patio armchairs are mostly available in the set of 2 or more but, you can buy them individually as well. Their price also depends on the material; it can be plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, hand-woven wicker, or rubber.

You can find stylish and durable armchairs for your porch at any price according to your budget.

Outdoor pillows and cushions

If you already own patio furniture, you can just simply redecorate it. You just have to redress it with the new pillows and cushions only.

Make sure to revive your color scheme and use new cushions that match with your old ones. If you want to opt for something different, find attractive pillows and cushions in a variety of designs, colors, sizes, and patterns.

Also, remember to look for the patio cushions with the weather-resistant material so that they can last longer.

Hot tub/Spas

After the long and tiring day, nothing is more soothing than to soak in the hot tub. A hot bubble bath is the best way to relax in no time.

The best option is to use inflatable and portable hot tubs. So you can move them to your desired place anytime. You can buy a tub or 2 or larger one according to your requirements and family.

Also, keep in mind that a hot tub full of water weighs more than 1 ton, so make sure you have a foundation for the hot tub.

Planters and pots

Placing planters and pots is the most affordable but stylish option to make your Patio feel alive. You can put some small indoor plants like English ivy, Barberton daisy, and broad lady palm to purify the air.

You can also use flowers, cactus, or shrubs to put inside your Patio. Their lush greenery and floral aroma will provide your space when placed on the window edges.

You can use flower pots that mostly hold 1 or 2 plants. These are better for smaller places. Planters can be best for bigger spaces as they hold several plants together.

Planters and pots are available with expensive or inexpensive materials, making them best to style your Patio.

Lamppost for ratio

To give your Patio a traditional look, light it with the lamp post. Most of the freestanding lamp posts have Victorian features like candle-shaped bulbs or angular black sconces.

There are many other designs available online and offline so that you can find some according to your patio interior and design.

Try to buy a lamp post that works with built-in solar panels. In this way, it will be more energy-efficient and cut down the extra dollars on your electricity bill.

Outdoor Water Fountains for Patio

Fountains always look gorgeous in the patios, especially if the Patio is widespread. They add the beauty in your backyard, with the enchantment of cascading water.

Using one in your place makes it feel more sophisticated and serene.  Fountains can match almost any decor style; you can look for some eye-catching shapes and modern art.  You can also consider charming scenes like greek tableaus.

The prices of the patio fountains depend on the material, size, and shape. It is pretty easy to find options according to your Patio and budget.

Patio dining tables

Eating at the backyard is one of the best things to do in any weather. So that’s why an outdoor dining table for Patio is a must-have.

Patio tables are mostly created by the natural hardwood, cast iron, steel, or aluminum. Although aluminum is quite affordable than others, it is still powerful and weather resistant.

You can buy dining tables according to your ideal shape, whether you are looking for the long rectangular ones for dinner parties or a small one for your family. You can find any option according to your budget.

Patio rugs

The large Patio will look more comfortable with the patio rugs. It will also encourage your friends or guests to kick out their shoes and get comfy.

Likewise, rugs for dining rooms, patio rugs are also available in different colors and patterns. While shopping for a rug for your Patio, make sure it is for outdoor use.

It will also ensure you hold up heavy wears while complementing your decor.

Porch swing

Porch swings can make your Patio feel homey and more welcoming, although some wings are quite expensive. There are still available options for swings that are durable yet affordable.

You can place any type of swing in your Patio to give it a charming look while also providing a comfy place to sit for you and your guests.

Patio Fire Pits

Gathering around the fire pit is a fantastic activity that will never be old fashioned. Buy a fire pit that you can arrange with armchairs around.

Fire pits vary in design, shapes, and functionalities. The cheaper options are typical, like to burn wooden logs like a traditional fireplace.

Expensive options include Burlington propane or higher-end wood-burning pits. Check out the one that corporate your interior and pocket.

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