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Pan Pizza vs. Hand-Tossed Pizza: What Are the Differences?

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The pizza market generated over 48 billion in revenue in the United States. Therefore, it is safe to assume that you’ll make everyone happy by making one for a meal.

However, you want to make sure that you prepare the right pizza for the specific situation. Pizzas vary widely from the ingredients they use to the preparation method. You want to make sure that you have the right equipment and accommodate your guests’ tastes.

To help you start differing between these, this article will compare pan pizza vs hand-tossed pizza. Read on to learn more.

What is a Hand-Tossed Pizza?


Picture a kitchen in a restaurant like Flippers Pizzeria. What do you see the pizza preparers doing? It’s likely that you’re thinking of them tossing the pizza in the air.

This action is a major component of making a hand-tossed pizza. When preparing this style of pizza, chefs stretch the dough by tossing it into the air. After this, they add the main ingredients and bake the pizza in the oven on a slab.

What is a Pan Pizza?


In contrast, chefs cook pan pizza in a cake pan or skillet. After making the dough, they press it into the bottom and/or sides of the pan. Then they add any ingredients they need or want to use on top.

After chefs feel satisfied with the ingredient arrangement, they’ll put the pan and pizza into the oven. They then bake it at around 500 degrees Fahrenheit for around half an hour.

Differences Between Pan Pizza vs Hand Tossed Pizza


Pan and hand-tossed pizzas often contain the same ingredients. Doughs can consist of different flours, herbs, and oils. Popular pizza toppings include such choices as cheese, meats, and marina sauce.

A major difference you’ll notice when eating pan pizza vs. hand-tossed pizza is the varying consistencies of crust. The dough of a hand-tossed pizza gets stretched, so it will likely be thin and crunchy. In contrast, the best pan pizza dough will be thicker and softer.

Another thing to consider is the oil that is often applied to pans when preparing pan pizza. This can make this style of pizza oilier than hand-tossed. While some people may like this, others may not.

Size is also a consideration here as well. Hand-tossed pizza can get stretched to a very large size. In contrast, as most pans only get so large, pan pizzas will likely have a smaller size than hand-tossed.

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Now that you’ve learned the difference between the two, consider the tastes of the people you’re serving. If possible, it may be a good idea to ask them about their tastes. With enough careful consideration, you’re sure to give them something they’ll love.

Do you know the difference between pan pizza vs. hand-tossed now? If so, read our other articles to learn a lot more. We offer hundreds of recipes as well as pieces on health, diets, and more.

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