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Vertex School Offers an Incredible Armor for Games Workshop

Vertex School offers 9 month long programs and courses that train students to get a career in Game Art, Animation, XR, Film, and the Metaverse. The school focuses on pairing students with industry professionals.


Austin, TX, May 31, 2022 — Vertex School offers innovative, creative tech training to prepare students for a career in games, film, XR, and the metaverse. Their training programs offer higher quality, more affordable, and up-to-date alternatives to associate and bachelor’s degree programs which can be outdated by the time you finish them. Now, they’re proud to announce their Armor for Games Workshop where you’ll learn about Fantasy Armor Design.

Many artists place too much emphasis on anatomy and figure sculpting when designing characters, but how many nude game characters do you see? That is why at Vertex School’s armor design workshop, you’ll learn how to create a convincing set of armor from high poly to low poly, texturing and presentation from one of the Industry’s leading artists, Paul Widelski.

This course on Creating Armored Game Characters will focus entirely on the skills and workflows for creating a set of designing armor. By the end of the course, you will learn how to get a good and quick starting point in ZBrush, how to make convincing armor parts and fit together fasteners, buckles, etc. You’ll also master how to add details such as engraving and embossing and know how to use Substance Painter workflows to create intelligent materials for the complete armor set.

Read below for a course overview:

  1. In module 1, you will focus on getting a good, quick starting point in ZBrush. Gathering references.
  2. In module 2, you will learn the effective use of the blockout from the previous week. Creating the first part of the armor design. Using 3ds Max for high poly.
  3. In module 3, Paul will teach you to use your reference to make convincing parts. Fitting parts together, fasteners, buckles, etc. Having our armor sit convincingly on our base body
  4. In module 4, you’ll learn about low poly methods, topology and UVs. Baking in Substance Painter using name matching and how to streamline the entire process.
  5. In module 5, Paul will show you how to make convincing materials for our armor. Substance Painter workflow tips, setting up smart materials for use all over the armor.
  6. In module 6, they’ll teach you how to make convincing materials for your armor. Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag, lighting, and clean presentation.

Once $399 and now $319.20, you’ll be able to receive detailed technique walkthroughs, community access to Discord, and lifetime access to downloadable videos! Become a part of their supportive online community with industry professionals that are always close and learn from professionals while having fun. Their online community is a great place to share knowledge, network, make new connections and meet people from around the globe!

For more information about their top-quality courses, visit Prep for your career begins on day one. Assignments, mentor feedback, and community events are tailored around hiring triggers and the strategies you need to be successful and secure a career!

Contact Info:

Name: Ryan Kingslien
Organization: Vertex School
Address: 7301 N FM 620 RD STE 155-148, Austin, TX 78726
Phone: 805-415-4183

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