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Overnight HairStyles to Simplify Your Back to School Morning Routine

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With school officially back in session all across Florida, students all throughout the Sunshine State are struggling to make it to class on time and keep their style looking fresh. Luckily, we have the solution (and you don’t even have to wake up early). Try our favorite overnight hairstyles to simplify your back to school morning routine.

mermaid back to school hair style for girls

Mermaid Hair

Mermaids are having a big moment right now in the Fort Lauderdale area and around the world. From mermaid t-shirts to sequined tail blankets, it’s an obsession. Summon your inner siren with minimal effort by using foam bun rollers. Wash and dry your thoroughly before bed and spritz your hair with your favorite frizz-free serum and a light gel or hairspray to hold the style. Section your hair into four or five equal sections. Gently twist one section at a time hair and wrap it around the foam bun roller. Bend the roller to hold the hair in place and leave it in place as you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, simply remove the rollers and run your fingers through your hair to blend the sections together. You will have fantastic mermaid hair in minutes that will last all throughout the school day. Want to go full mermaid with the sultry red or blonde locks? Explore our hair coloring services.

woman hair style Florida pin curls hair

Pin Curls

Dreaming of tight curls all over your head? Try pin curls. This trick has been used for decades and isn’t complicated at all. All it requires is mousse and several bobbi pins. Section the hair off into 10-20 (depending on thickness and desired tightness of the curls) even, sections. Wrap each section around your finger and slide it off, while retaining the coiled curls. Pin it down with a bobbi pin and continue until all sections have been pinned. Sleep with the pins in place and then remove them before school in the morning. Voila– tight and bouncy curls that will last long after your homework has been done. Notice a lot of split ends while twirling your hair? It’s probably time for your regular trim at Inscape!

Headband Curls girl hair

Headband Curls

If you haven’t heard of headband curls, you’re in for a treat! This is one of the simplest overnight styles to pull off and it only takes a minute tops. Wash your hair as usual and let it air dry until it is around 80% dry. Then, add a little mouse as you brush through any tangles that may have formed. Next, grab your favorite thin fabric headband. Put it on your head so that the front goes slightly across your forehead (better known as hippie style). From there, take a small section of hair from the front and wrap it around the headband one time. Grab the remaining ends of that section and pick up another small section. Continue this process until you have made your way around your entire head and all of the length of your hair is fully wrapped. Leave it on while you sleep and you will be left with tight curls when you wake up for school.

Full Texture Waves woman hair style for school

Full Texture Waves

In the event that you want to add texture that will stay in place to your stick straight hair, opt for full texture waves. Create three equal sections of your hair and put each section in a small bun. Spritz with a gel spray or hairspray and head to bed for the night. When you take down the buns after waking, you will have extra volume and texture.

girl and woman hair plopping Florida

Hair Plopping

For those that were blessed with natural curls, you too can style your hair while you sleep. The biggest complaint we received from our curly haired here in our Davie FL hair salon is that they simply can’t stand the frizz. Hair plopping is the solution! Wash your hair and then saturate it with a moisturizing hair product. Place a t-shirt on a chair and then “plop” your hair onto the t-shirt. Tie it up around your head and leave it in place as you sleep. It will prevent frizz build up while you sleep and ensure that your curls are defined upon waking.

crimped hair texture for girls for school in Florida

Crimped Texture

Remember that adorable crimped look your hair would have when you removed your braided pigtails as a child? You can recreate the textured look without having to wear pigtails in public. Starting with slightly damp hair, part your hair into several different sections and braid them. Secure each braid with a small rubber band and leave it overnight. Keep in mind that braid size is everything with this style. If you want a full voluminous texture, make your braids small. If you want a larger crimped pattern with less volume, make the braids larger. The look can last for two school days with no touch ups needed. It also works well with a half-up, half-down style to change up the second day look and looks flawless on all hair coloring. In Florida, this is also a great way to embrace the humidity.

In need of hair coloring near you or a quick trim to make your favorite overnight style look flawless? Book your appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon online now or call us at (954) 212-9806.

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