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You Need To Be “Lightning Quick!” Here are the 4 Ways To Prepare Your Home for Natural Disaster.
It is something that we hope would never happen to us, but as climate change becomes a real issue, we find that, all over the world, places that never experienced flooding or natural disasters are now firmly within the targets of Mother Nature. If you look around and see that your home is not purpose-built for protection, and do not want to witness the children cowering in your bedroom, read on so you can prepare your home properly.

Look at the Structure of the Property 

This is the best place to begin. If you live in an area that is susceptible to storms and hurricanes, you will need to find the best storm protection for your home by securing your garage door, bracing your doors, and preparing your windows. Remember, it’s not just about protecting the home, it’s about protecting others from the damage your home could cause. If the shingles on your roof are not secure, and you suffer a hurricane, one little shingle could injure or cause something worse.

Knowing What to Do in the Moment 

For many people, panic sets in, which is an absolutely natural reaction, but this is why we need to have a storm kit prepared in case. A typical storm kit is designed to get you and your loved ones through 48 hours without the basics and electricity. A typical storm kit consists of blankets, batteries, a 3-day water supply, 2 days’ worth of food, and many more items. When you have this in place, it gives you a bit more peace of mind during dangerous scenarios. In addition, you need to have a backup plan. Evacuations are crucial in these situations. You and your family need to choose two locations in the event of an emergency. You also need to pick one person as your out-of-town emergency contact.

Being Aware of Your Appliances 

It’s the furthest thing from your mind, but there are key things you need to be aware of if you experience any issues. Firstly, you need to locate the water, gas, and electricity shut-offs, as they need to be switched off if a hurricane is forecasted. In addition, you need to unplug all electrical appliances. If a storm causes a power surge upon restoration, this will prevent any potential damage. In addition, a handy little trick is to switch your freezer and refrigerator to the coldest setting. If you lose power, your food will stay cold that little bit longer.

Identifying the Safest Point in Your House

Like when people stand in a doorway when a hurricane strikes, you need to choose the best place in your home to protect you and your loved ones. Many people will choose their basement. But if you’re choosing a safe room, sometimes, you can be better off with a freestanding structure, but it depends on the weather conditions. Safe rooms can be placed in a basement, and can be bolted to a concrete basement floor.

It’s something that we should all be ready for, and when you prepare your home for a natural disaster, it’s also worth noting that you need somewhere to store important documents for when the time comes you need to claim on the insurance. Protect your loved ones, but make sure those pieces of paper are secure too!

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