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Top 5 Add-Ons to Consider for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

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Did you know that each year there are well over 100,000 Harley Davidson motorcycles sold each year in the U.S.? With so many new motorcycles on the road, it’s no surprise that many bikers choose to customize their Harley.

By choosing your own motorcycle accessories you can give your motorcycle a personal touch. This helps to make your ride unique and stand out from the crowd.

Most bikers will agree that motorcycles are more than just a means of transport – they are an extension of your personality. Custom motorcycle accessories allow you to make your motorbike more stylish and comfortable.

Are you interested in finding out what the top five add-ons are for Harley Davidson motorcycles? You’re in the right place – this article will run you through some of the best add-ons for your bike.

1) Upgrade Your Suspension

Most of the standard Harley suspension systems tend to be on the hard side. This can lead to a painful back after long hours on the road. One of the simplest ways to improve your comfort and endurance is to upgrade your suspension.

Modifying your suspension can do more than change the comfort level of your ride. You also give your motorcycle a whole new look by changing the height it sits above the ground. With so many suspension options available this is one add-on that can really give your motorcycle some personality.

Adding a touring suspension or shorter shocks means you can lower your fender until it almost touches your tire. This will give you a slick, low-rider look but probably won’t help your back pain. If you’re looking for a custom chopper look you can add some fork tube extensions to your front end.

Upgrading your suspension can dramatically improve the handling capabilities of your motorcycle. Depending on your riding style and the weight you carry you may choose an adjustable suspension system. This allows you to vary your suspension depending on the type of riding you’re doing.

2) Add Some Stylish Saddlebags

These motorcycle accessories come in a huge variety of styles, colors, and designs. Finding the perfect saddlebags for your ride is more about personal choice than any other add-on. The most important features to consider are whether you’re looking for soft or hard saddlebags.

Hard saddlebags have a modern, sleek look and are great for security as you can securely lock them. If you’re interested in hard saddlebags then buy some travel packs for convenience. These removable bags fit snugly inside your saddlebags and make it simple to carry your belongings.

Soft saddlebags have a more vintage look and leather saddlebags may fit the classic Harley look more closely than hard saddlebags. They are also great for stuffing in extra things for long trips. There’s always a way to squeeze a few more things into a soft saddlebag!

3) Improve Your Comfort with Backrests

Backrests are one add-on that bikers either love or hate. Some people find that they significantly improve their comfort level on long rides. By supporting your lower back they can reduce fatigue and make riding more enjoyable.

Of course, this depends on what style of motorcycle you ride and what your normal posture is when riding. If you’re a multi-day cruiser you may find that a comfortable touring seat and a backrest are essential add-ons for your comfort.

Backrests can help keep your posture more upright when riding. This can reduce the strain on your forearms and wrists if you tend to ride with a “hunch and hang” posture. A good backrest allows you to lock yourself into your seat and ride more aggressively than without one.

4) Bluetooth Enabled Audio Systems

Upgrading your Harley Davidson with a sound system is one of the most enjoyable add-ons for touring on the open road. High-performance specialized speakers mean that you can clearly hear your music even at high speeds.

Handlebar controls allow you to effortlessly change the station or track of your music. Audio systems with Bluetooth capability give you the option to connect your phone and keep track of your calls while riding. Most modern audio systems can also receive satellite radio to keep you connected to your favorite music anywhere you go.

If you prefer a headset option, there are a range of Bluetooth-enabled helmets available. There are also plenty of Bluetooth headsets that fit inside your helmet. This will allow you to safely make and receive calls while riding.

5) High Performance LED Lighting

Adding LED lighting is one of the top add-ons you can choose for your motorcycle. They are a great safety feature and also make your motorcycle look ultra-modern. LED lights are far more efficient than standard bulbs and have a considerably longer lifespan.

LED headlights have a wide beam and can significantly improve your field of view when riding at night. They also make you much more visible to other road users. This is especially important if you like to ride on unlit backroads.

Auxiliary LED lighting can improve your ability to see hazards on the road. Most standard headlights focus on an area above the road surface. As a result, you often miss bumps or potholes in the road surface with factory standard lights.

Another advantage of having LED lighting is the quality of the light they produce. LEDs have much more blue-white light than regular bulbs. This means that they can penetrate fog, mist, and rain. They also help you see better when driving into heavy oncoming traffic.

What’s Your Top Harley Davidson Motorcycle Add-On?

Harley Davidson motorcycles are the most iconic type of motorcycle on the market. By adding these top add-ons to your bike you can upgrade the comfort and safety of your ride. They also give your motorcycle a distinct character and personal style.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed learning about these different motorcycle accessories. Are you interested in finding out more great tips to enhance your riding experience?

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