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Our Guide to the Popular Prom Dresses for 2020

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It may seem like prom season is far away, but it’s never too early to start planning your dress-shopping.

Whether you’ve got a date locked down or you’re going with a group of friends, prom is one of the most memorable nights of your high school life.

Before you decide on a grown, check out some of the hottest designs for prom dresses 2020 that are taking the fashion world by storm.


Dare to Bare with Off-Shoulder Dresses

If you’re not afraid to show a little skin, off-shoulder dresses are elegant yet a little bit daring. These dresses feature a wide neckline and expose your shoulders for a gorgeous look.

Make sure you pair your off-shoulder prom dress with some stunning accessories that will accentuate your shoulders and neckline. Wear a sparkling necklace and long, matching earrings to create a dramatic look that screams dramatic.

While off-shoulder dresses come in several lengths, the longer, the better. If you wear a short dress in this style, the width of the neckline can make you look shorter than you really are.

Try a long, flowy gown with a side slit that highlights all of your best features. The off-shoulder look will make your dress one for the books!


Ball Gowns Never go Out of Style

For those prom queens who want the princess look, you can never go wrong with a ball gown. These stunning dresses feature a wide skirt with layers of tulle for a fairytale effect.

Look for a ball gown in a sweet pastel color if you want your prom dresses 2020 to evoke a charming look. You can also try something new and pick out a ball gown in a deep jewel tone like purple or dark green.

The latest ball gowns include pockets, which makes them perfect for toting your wallet and lipstick around without the need for a purse. And, your ball gown doesn’t have to be a solid color, either. There are tons of gorgeous styles available in fanciful floral and other prints.

Wear a ball gown with puffy sleeves or try something with thin spaghetti straps. The overall silhouette is what matters, so as long as you choose something with the classic ball gown shape, you’re guaranteed to be the belle of the ball!


Embellishments Take Over for Prom Dresses 2020

To make sure your dress has the “wow” factor, try something that’s accented with awe-inspiring embellishments. This can be anything from shimmering glitter to layers of lace or colorful, sparkly sequins.

Embroidery is super-popular for 2020 so be on the lookout for prom gowns adorned with intricately embroidered accents. These dresses are unique in every way and they allow you to express yourself on your big night.

Shimmering dresses complete with mirrored sequins are not only hot but they’re also quite impressive. With a reflective surface, your dress will look like a vibrant disco ball that says you’re ready to dance!

Take a look at some of the latest embellishment trends. You’re sure to find something that suits your style, and it doesn’t need to be anything too crazy.

The purpose of wearing a prom dress with an additional touch is to wear something that’s unlike anything everyone else has. Wear a gown accented with rhinestones, or try something more subtle that showcases a single embroidered flower on the bodice.

A feather hem or bustline is another fun choice for an embellishment that adds a flouncy, feminine touch. Browse the variety of prom gowns to see if something stands out so you can make a major statement on your big night.


Two-Piece Gowns You Can Mix and Match

You’re not confined to just a single dress or gown. In fact, modern prom dresses that feature a top and separate bottom are becoming a super-cool choice for lots of ladies.

The two-piece gown is fun because you can mix and match your top and bottom if you wish. Try a long, satin skirt with a sheer lace top to create a unique combination of textures and colors.

If you prefer, you can buy your two-piece dress with a coordinating top and bottom featuring the same color and material. This will give your gown a cohesive look, but the separate pieces offer a unique visual definition for your waist and bustline.

Long-sleeved tops with a shorter skirt look super cute, and they pair great with your favorite heels. Try a tube top that exposes your midriff just a bit if you want to be a little more daring on prom night.

The sky is the limit when it comes to two-piece prom dresses, and you can have some fun coming up with your favorite combination. Not into wearing a dress? Try a two-piece pantsuit for a modern, sophisticated look on prom night.


Get Creative with Patterns

There’s no cardinal rule that says your prom dress has to be a singular, solid color. Go wild and have some fun with a dress featured in a dynamic, bold pattern.

Colorful stripes will give your prom dress a cheerful, charming look. Floral prints are super-sweet and ensure that your dress looks totally romantic.

Use beading to your advantage and wear a dress crafted in an art deco-inspired design. Beaded dresses are particularly stunning, and they come in a huge range of colors, designs, and patterns to choose from.

Polka dots are another fun pattern that brings a playful, retro touch to your prom dress. You can even try something that gives a nod to the 1980s with hearts, triangles, or random geometric shapes.

With a ton of new designs available for 2020, you should have no problem finding a unique prom dress that will allow for a bit of self-expression. Don’t be afraid to go wild and wear something enlivened in a lively pattern of your choosing.


Mix it Up with Luxe Materials

Satin, lace, and tulle have long been the standard for most prom dresses. This prom season, try something new with a dress made of modern materials.

If you’re really rebellious, go all out and wear a black leather prom dress. This style is super-edgy and looks awesome with black heels and some gold or silver jewelry.

Velvet is becoming a popular choice for prom dresses and it gives your gown a luxe, high-end look. This super-soft and smooth material comes in a range of colors and gives any dress a fresh look combined with a luxurious feel.

Tulle skirts are not only gorgeous, but they also add a flouncy, feminine touch to your dress. This material is usually made with several layers to give the gown a full silhouette that moves with you.

For prom divas who want something a bit more glam, try a dress with netted sleeves accented with embroidered flowers. Netting looks dramatic and it can be enhanced with anything from sequins to rhinestones and more.


High-Low is Still en Vogue

Once reserved exclusively for tops or sweaters, high-low hemlines are found in skirts and prom gowns alike. And, even if you think this is a passing fad, it looks like the high-low silhouette is here to stay.

This look involves a higher front hemline that shows off your legs, while the longer (or low) back hem creates a flouncy and flowy look. You cand find high-low dresses in a huge range of materials and colors to achieve the perfect vibe for prom night.

One new adaptation for prom dresses 2020 is that the high-low now has a twist. These updated gowns feature an asymmetrical hemline that starts out high along the front and sides, then sweeps down low toward the back.

The new silhouette gives the high-low prom dress a fuller look, and you can even add ruffles to the hemline for a flouncy touch. With an asymmetrical dress, you create a fascinating look that blends classic style with an Avante-Garde touch.


Make Lasting Memories with the Perfect Prom Dress

Whether you wear something that shoulder-baring or covered in sparkly embellishments, there’s no shortage of incredible prom dresses 2020 this year. Pick something featuring a bold pattern, or try a dress made of unique materials like leather or velvet.

Don’t forget to take things up a notch with some awesome accessories that will make you the star of the show. Flouncy hemlines and classic ball gowns will make you feel beautiful and you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

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