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5 Ways to Save Money When Buying Office Furniture

The global furniture market is worth over 600 billion dollars per an analysis conducted in 2019. While that sector undoubtedly took a hit in 2020 given fewer commercial buyers furnishing offices, as some companies return to working in collaborative settings, we expect furniture to start getting snapped up again.

Therein lies the subject of this post.

Buying office furniture can be challenging and sticking to an office furniture budget can be even harder given how many pieces some offices will require to accommodate their workforce. If you’re interested in learning how you can limit the expense involved in building out your office space, keep reading.

Below, we break down a handful of saving tips.

1. Shop Used

Used furniture is almost always going to run cheaper than new furniture. The trick when buying used furniture though is being able to locate quality pieces in bulk.

We’ve found a lot of success doing this by looking at thrift stores which tend to have a bevy of desks, sofas, and other office-friendly pieces. Yard/estate sales can also be helpful places to source items from.

2. Contact Companies That Are Relocating

If you know companies in the building that are in the process of moving, ask them what they plan to do with their furniture. Many may not have a solid plan for how they’re going to move their pieces and may be more than willing to sell you their stuff at low rates.

Your leasing manager for the office space you’re moving into may be able to put you in touch with their tenants that are relocating around the same time that you’re planning on moving in.

3. Bulk Order From Manufacturers/Wholesalers

Do you want to go the new route when buying office furniture? That’s fine and there are certainly ways to save when buying new.

For example, shopping at wholesaler-priced stores like Workspace Elements in-bulk could net you savings on new pieces. You might also take the time to figure out who the manufacturers are that supply local wholesale office furniture to see if you can buy direct from them at an even lower price.

4. Buy Abroad

Buying abroad can be a little bit of a tricky savings measure since shipping costs oftentimes offset low prices. You won’t know until you get a quote though, so contact budget furniture makers from Asia, Europe, etc. to see what they have to offer.

Perhaps their slowest shipping coupled with low prices can save you money over shopping with US-based wholesalers.

5. Implement Work From Home Policies

The fewer people you have in your office on any given day, the less furniture you’ll have to buy. With that in mind, you can reduce your office budget by doing what you’re probably already doing now which is letting some or all of your employees work from home.

When your employees do come into work, have them claim communal desks you have set up.

Buying Office Furniture Doesn’t Have to Be an Expensive Affair

We hope you’re walking away from this post understanding that buying office furniture, new or used, doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Just exercise patience during the process and you’ll be surprised by just how much you can save.

For additional tips on business furniture and more, check out the newest content on our blog!

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