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Insider Tips From a Virtual Event Producer

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Insider Tips From a Virtual Event Producer

More than 45 percent of organizations plan to organize virtual events in the future. Online events are here to stay, but not all of them are a success.

If you want to impress your audience, it’s important to have a plan. Follow these insider tips from a virtual event producer to make your event a success.

No Detail Is Too Small

Now that you’ve decided to host a virtual event, you’ll want to do everything you can to make it successful. Setting goals at the planning stage can help you make the right decisions and outline your expectations for the event.

Know your audience and provide an easy way for them to sign up. If you plan to collect emails, set up a system to record them. If you’re hoping your audience will sign up for a future virtual event, have the information available to share.

Your event will have more impact if it’s topical and relevant to attendees. Decide if the event will be live or pre-recorded. Sometimes a combination of a live session with a recorded version available for a limited time will support the largest number of attendees and increase engagement.

Virtual event planning and preparation are essential. If you’re charging a fee, set up a payment method and capture information when your audience registers. If it’s a free event, prepare for a larger number of attendees. Most importantly, create as little resistance as possible for registration, the more difficult it is, the fewer people will complete the process.

Find an Event Professional

The right partner can make the difference between a successful event and a failure. Look for a professional that can provide the services you need. We provide full HD live streaming, speaker management, and tech checks for your event contributors.

An event professional will tailor their services to suit the requirements of your event. Consider someone that can serve your audience in multiple time zones. You don’t want to have your event fail due to a lack of support outside your local time zone.

Logistics and Timeline

If you want to know how successful your event was, you need to decide what to track. Choose some key indicators in advance and set up a system to track the data.

Be aware of the technical skills of your audience and be prepared to offer support. Offer pre-event sessions to allow them to become familiar with the platform you’re using. Plan breaks to give everyone time to absorb the materials and encourage attendee networking.

Offer Additional Experiences

The best virtual events go beyond what a regular digital experience provides. Inspire your guests by offering entertainment instead of a dry presentation.

Another popular perk is to allow some participants to attend an exclusive VIP experience after the event is finished. Invite them to meet a special guest in a space limited to a small group of participants. Find a guest that will tailor to your audience’s interests.

Create opportunities for guests to mingle in virtual spaces. Curate a small group of people with similar responsibilities in their sector. Offer them a chance to network in an off-event space.

Always Have a Plan B

When you’re hosting an event, something will inevitably go sideways. There may be a technical problem, or a presenter will have difficulty connecting during the event.

Always have an alternate available and be flexible where necessary. Pre-recording some sessions is one way to prepare for the unexpected. Your audience will be impressed by your ability to pivot.

Host a Successful Virtual Event

We offer three service tiers for your virtual event, so you can tailor the support you need to the event you’re currently planning. It’s never too late to talk with us about your event needs.

Book a meeting with Parasol Video to speak with a dedicated manager. We’re invested in your success!

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