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New Jersey Real Estate For Sale

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Some people think of New Jersey only as the state close to New York City, but there is so much more to New Jersey than you may realize. There are the high wages, the beaches, the gas stations you never have to pump your own gas at… the list goes on! It should come as no surprise that the New Jersey real estate market is competitive, with a median house price of $454k. Many people are finding that the high price is worth all the good that New Jersey has to offer.

New Jersey Real Estate Market

There are 21 counties in New Jersey, and within those counties are 565 municipalities, including cities, towns, townships, and villages.
Somerset County is considered by many to be the best place to buy real estate in New Jersey. This area is in the central northern part of the state and has the distinction of being one of the oldest counties in the country, first established in 1688. Somerville is the county seat. Residents love that Somerset County is a relatively less-populated county compared to others in the state. Even more than that, the county also provides excellent education opportunities and outdoor spaces for family fun.
If you’re looking for New Jersey real estate in a denser population, you could try Union County, also in the northern part of the state. The county seat here is Elizabeth, the fourth most populous city in the state. Every municipality in Union County offers plenty of dining, coffee shops, bars, and other hangouts, so it’s a great place to live if you love to go out.
Newark is the most densely populated city in the state and one of the oldest cities in the entire country. Newark is the county seat of Essex County. Its location makes it a great place for anyone who wants to buy New Jersey real estate and regularly experience all that New York City has to offer without having to live in the city itself.

New Jersey Schools

The state of New Jersey is famed across the country for its exceptional quality of education. Of the fifty states, New Jersey is fourth in its expenditures per pupil, averaging $18k over a student’s school career. Nine of its high schools are ranked among the top 25 in the United States, and it is home to one of the world’s most important institutions of higher education.

K-12 Schools in New Jersey

Many school districts are city-based and may only serve one or two schools. For the best experience covering all ages K-12th, your best option is the Millburn Township School District in Essex County. From its outstanding elementary schools such as the Glenwood School to its top-rated Millburn High School, students in Millburn are truly provided with the best of the best.
The Glen Rock Public School District in Bergen County also offers excellent educational opportunities for all students through senior year. The student-teacher ratio across the district is 11:1. Glen Rock High School has been recognized as the second-best school in the state. Students can also attend any of the four technical schools within the county.
Jersey City (Hudson County), the second-most populous city in New Jersey, is home to what has been rated the best high school in the state. That award goes to Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School. Students are admitted based on their PSAT scores and are required to complete 50 hours of community service every year.

Colleges & Universities in New Jersey

New Jersey real estate has access to Princeton University, the fourth-oldest university of its kind in the country. It is an Ivy League university and is a global leader in research. Several United States presidents and three sitting Supreme Court justices graduated from Princeton, as well as a number of historically important figures, including Jimmy Stewart, Jeff Bezos, and Alan Turing. The school is located in Princeton, New Jersey, and as a result, the population of that town leans towards students and people involved with the university.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Real Estate

Where is the best place to live in New Jersey?

For families with children

If you’re looking for family-friendly New Jersey real estate, Somerset County has a relatively low crime rate, great schools, and excellent parks and recreation activities. Somerset County has homes listed at a median price of $499k, making it one of the more affordable counties to live in the state.

For singles and young professionals

Hoboken is just across the river from Manhattan. Many young professionals living there don’t even need to take a train or a ferry to find great options for entertainment, jobs, bars, and coffee shops. The river makes a beautiful backdrop, and public transportation makes everything easily accessible.

For retirees

Retirees looking for a relaxing and fulfilling New Jersey real estate opportunity may want to check out Surf City along the shore. It’s a small town on Long Beach Island, full of other retirees who want to spend their free time breathing in the fresh salt air of the ocean. It has very low crime rates and excellent public transportation.

What kind of jobs do people have in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s most important industries are pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, informational technology, finance, and tourism. Careers in the sciences are abundant in New Jersey, which is in line with its history as the place where Thomas Edison invented many of his greatest contributions, including the lightbulb. There are also plenty of jobs to find in publishing, food processing, agriculture, and shipping. After all, the Port of New Jersey and New York is the busiest port along the American side of the Atlantic Ocean. Another perk of living in New Jersey real estate is its proximity to New York City, which is only a commute away and many employment opportunities are also available there.

Where is the nearest commercial airport in New Jersey?

New Jersey real estate has access to 53 airports in the state. Three major airports provide commercial services in the state and the largest of these is the Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). The other international airport in the state is Atlantic City International Airport (ACY). Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN) provides domestic commercial service as well. Many New Jersey residents tend to fly through New York’s two airports, La Guardia and JFK.

When do schools in New Jersey start this year?

Schools in New Jersey tend to start in September after Labor Day and end in early June.

Living in New Jersey

Attractions and Landmarks in New Jersey

If you meet a New Jersey native, ask them what their family usually does in the summer. Chances are, their answer will be “going down the shore.” What they mean is that New Jersey is famous for its beaches, and there are plenty of great options. Ocean City, with its well-guarded beaches and 2.5-mile-long boardwalk, is the summer destination of choice for many New Jersey residents. Cape May, on the other hand, offers historical beauty in its 900 preserved Victorian-era buildings. There are plenty of other beaches along the coast that have their own charms, as well. It’s hard to go wrong!
New Jersey was one of the earliest established cities in America, and as such, there are plenty of historical sites to visit. For example, Cape May has played a major role in several wars, particularly World War II. Or perhaps you’re interested in tracing back the origins of your family. Many people associate the Statue of Liberty with New York City, but a visit to Liberty State Park can get you closer to her, as well as to the historic Central Railroad, which took arriving immigrants all over.
It’s almost impossible to talk about touring New Jersey without mentioning Atlantic City. Those over 21 can enjoy its many casinos and its vibrant nightlife. Others may want to visit its boardwalk, which was first opened in 1870. The boardwalk is beloved for its attractions and beautiful beaches.
No matter where you buy real estate in New Jersey, there are plenty of things to do and places to go. If you’re more of a nature enthusiast, New Jersey has something for you too. Along the Delaware River, straddling New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you can find the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Here you’ll find miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, grassy swim beaches, and plenty of fishing.

Local Tips For New Jersey

● Stay in your car at the pump! New Jersey has a ban on self-service gas stations, so attendants will pump your gas for you.

● New Jersey has more diners and shopping malls per square mile than any other state in the country.

● If you’re looking for space, this may not be the place for you – New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country.

● Make sure you keep some change in your car at all times. There’s almost no way to avoid toll roads when driving on New Jersey highways. The upside is that you’re unlikely to hit a pothole!

● New Jersey has some unique traffic quirks. Traffic circles are everywhere, and you’ll need to learn how to navigate something called the New Jersey jughandle. These are ramps that make it easier to turn left on busy roads.

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