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Which Content Promotion Strategy Can Help Your Recruitment Business?

Ask any recruiter or HR department and they’ll tell you that they think the talent pool is shrinking.

There just doesn’t seem to be a great number of employees with the right skills and tools to make a seamless transition into a new company.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing a recruitment company can do about it.

In fact, one simple way to connect with and recruit fresh talent is by using a content promotion strategy. Here’s how it works.

A Great Promotion Strategy Works When Content Isn’t Hidden Away

The resource page is a thing of the past. This information shouldn’t just be hidden away in one corner of a recruitment company’s website. Rather, it should be spread across the website to give potential talent a way to access vital information more easily.

The more information that’s supplied to a talented employee, the easier it will be for them to come across as informed, educated, and ready to transfer their skills to the next company lucky enough to grab them.

Many recruitment companies spring up after the owners leave an industry to start their own business. Often, after leaving, they learn more about who works best in which environment. It’s vital knowledge they can then pass on to the companies they’re filling spots for.

Utilize Social Media to Find Talent

If a recruitment company isn’t taking full advantage of social media to locate potential employees, they’re they’re ignoring a huge pool of talent. Especially since joining and using social media is completely free.

Even when paid advertising through social media is used, it’s now possible to precisely target the exact type of person a company wants to hire. It’s incredibly easy and it’s very cost effective.

It’s also wise to add share buttons to blogs and websites to help spread the word organically. Also, learning how to utilize LinkedIn to find hidden talent is a must for any recruitment company.

Newsletters for Sharing Information

Newsletters are great. Not only is it a wonderful way to capture the names and email addresses of great talent, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to share valuable information.

A successful recruitment company should be utilizing a promotion strategy within the content of their newsletters. Not only should the newsletter inform, entertain, and engage the readers, it should prompt them to send in their resume by ending with a call to action.

RSS Feeds to Post Openings

The best recruitment opportunities are sometimes also the easiest. Like using RSS feeds to post openings.

Companies don’t even have to post the open job vacancies manually. Instead, they’re pulled directly from an updated feed that comes from the recruitment companies website.

Ad Retargeting to Entice Talent to Come Back

Just because someone visits a website once and hasn’t returned doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. There’s now the possibility to use ad retargeting to re-engage with prospects.

Even better, recruitment companies find this method extremely effective because they’re only investing in qualified leads who have already expressed an interest. It’s also possible to use this tool to drive potential leads to gated content, meaning it’s easy to track conversions and prove ROI.

Use Employees as Marketing Tools

Since employees send out up to 121 emails every single day, it’s a wise idea to use this practice as an effective promotion strategy.

Just have employees promote content within their email signature.

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