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Gateway Executives Takes Brunswick


Gainesville, GA, June 6, 2022— Gateway Executives is excited about their newest expansion to the Brunswick, GA area. Newest Director of Operations, Nyels Preston, has recently been offered the opportunity to head our new expansion after showing tremendous growth through our training program.

Preston, 25, was born and raised in Atlanta and always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He was inspired at a young age by his mother who is also an entrepreneur saying “having freedom and the ability to live the life you want is my motivation” when asked what drives him.

Preston’s background in sports throughout high school and at the collegiate level prepared him for the hard work and dedication needed to be successful in the industry. After playing football for West Alabama and attending DeVry IT, Preston decided to switch career paths and enter the marketing industry where he started with Gateway Executives as a client representative in November 2020 and worked alongside CEO and Director of Operations, Regenia Lee.

“It was a breath of fresh air when I got the call from Gateway, and the journey was a wake-up call for me. The Director part is a bonus, but it was always about becoming a better me.”

He described his time with Gateway Executives as an evolution and a blessing from where he began to where he is now as a Director of Operations.

“Nyels showed tremendous growth with a strong student mentality and drive to succeed,” said Lee.

When the opportunity to expand was presented, Lee knew Preston was ready to take on the challenge. Both are excited about the future opportunities for the organization. This year, as an up-and-coming entrepreneur, Preston has big plans for this expansion. While he will be working with our clients in the telecommunications industry, he hopes to expand clientele in other fields and open more doors for opportunity. He also hopes to have a strong team of five leaders and two Junior Directors. He plans to run business trips twice a month to further his expansion into more territories.

Preston also wants to provide an opportunity for individuals who are searching for career development. He is a big believer in if you set your mind to it, there is opportunity everywhere and wants to be that example to others. He is looking forward to the future ahead of him and the growth he will bestow.

“Stay the Course.”

About Gateway Executives: We are a marketing and promotional sales firm in Gainesville. We specialize in customer acquisition, marketing, direct sales, and brand promotion for our Fortune 500 clients. Our mission is to provide a prosperous gateway for entrepreneurial-minded individuals make their dream become a reality.

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