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Most Active Architectural Zoning Attorneys in Philadelphia

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When it comes to the Philadelphia Architectural Zoning Process, there are plenty of unknowns and complex processes required to get buildings approved. It is advised to hire a zoning  professional when your project does not meet a by right scenario. When presenting a project that is owned by an LLC, you are required to have a lawyer appear at the Zoning Board of Adjustments in Philadelphia.

Between the architectural design process, zoning submission, talking to the local RCO’s, standing in front of ZBA, it is best to put together a rockstar team. We are now half way through the year 2019, and we have compiled a list of the 20 most active zoning attorneys in the City of Philadelphia with their current results.

Firm: Shawn D. Ward & Associates
Name: Shawn Ward
Appearances: 85 Granted: 36 Denied: 4

Firm: Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law
Name: Joseph Beller
Appearances: 69 Granted: 19 Denied: 3

Firm: Pritzker Law Group
Rachael Pritzker
15 Granted: Denied: 3

Firm: Orphanides & Toner
Name: David Orphanides
Appearances: 65 Granted: 28 Denied: 0

Firm: Nochumson P.C.
Name: Alan Nochumson
Appearances: 32 Granted: 24 Denied: 2

Firm: Law Office of Zhen H. Jin LLC
Name: Zhen Jin
Appearances: 32 Granted: 15 Denied: 2

Firm: Anastasio Law LLC
Name: Vern Anastasio
Appearances: 30 Granted: 20 Denied: 2

Firm: Lauletta Birnbaum LLC
Name: Richard Demarco
Appearances: 29 Granted: 10 Denied: 2

Firm: Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP
Name: Ronald Patterson
Appearances: 28 Granted: 18 Denied: 2

Firm: Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP
Name: Carl Primavera
Appearances: 26 Granted: Denied: 0

Firm: Fishtown Law
Name: Leo Mulvihill
Appearances: 25 Granted: 16 Denied: 2

Firm: Law Office of Henry M. Clinton LLC
Name: Henry Clinton
Appearances: 22 Granted: 16 Denied: 0

Firm: Orphanides & Toner
Name: Jared Klein
Appearances: 20 Granted: 11 Denied: 1

Firm: Law Offices of Stephen R. Murphy Esq. P.C.
Name: Stephen Murphy
Appearances: 19 Granted: Denied: 1

Firm: Manayunk Law Office
Name: William O’Brien
Appearances: 18 Granted: 15 Denied: 1

Firm: Fox Rothschild LLP
Name: William Martin
Appearances: 16 Granted: 11 Denied: 2

Firm: Dilworth Paxson LLP
Name: Meredith Ferleger
Appearances: 14 Granted: 11 Denied: 1

Firm: JustLaws PLLC
Name: Steven Masters
Appearances: 13 Granted: Denied: 0

Firm: Mattioni Ltd.
Name: Michael Mattioni
Appearances: 12 Granted: Denied: 0

Firm: Mattioni Ltd.
Name: Michael Mattioni
Appearances: 12 Granted: Denied: 0

Firm: Blank Rome LLP
Name: Peter Kelsen
Appearances: Granted: Denied: 1

This list is by no means all of the zoning attorneys that go for variances in front of the ZBA.  They are just the most active according to public records. The total number of appeals Year to Date is 2914.  Total open cases are 2445 and the number of closed cases is 569.

Construction related appeals are currently at 895 cases with 516 of them being granted.  That is a 57.65% Approval Rating.  Multi-Family specifically related zoning total appeals is at 251 with 150 cases being granted.  That is a 59.76% Approval Rating.

An important statistic to note relating to the current landscape of the Zoning Board of Adjustments,  if you take the average of Appearance (divided by) Granted, the average % approval of the top 20 most active zoning lawyers in the City of Philadelphia when it comes to variances, the approval rating is currently at 49.84%

Do you need assistance with zoning or architectural design process?  Please reach out and we can setup a time to chat about your real estate development endeavors.

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