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Introducing Timely Tow & Service: An App Connecting Stranded Motorists with Fast Roadside Assistance

The new app provides a means for stranded motorists to connect with nearby motorists who can deliver roadside assistance safely and promptly. The Timely Tow & Service app is exclusive to Android users and free to download from Google Play Store.


Calgary, Canada, September 27, 2022 — When a motorist’s vehicle breaks down on a lonely road or a busy highway, the first thing they usually do is call a tow service for assistance. However, research shows that a towing company will take at least 50 minutes to arrive at a breakdown scene. In those 50 minutes, a stranded motorist can feel unsafe and frustrated by the time and money they may be losing. Luckily, a new app is here to provide safe and prompt roadside assistance to stranded motorists. Introducing the Timely Tow & Service app: an Android application that connects stranded motorists with other nearby motorists to aid and deliver roadside assistance.

During the launch, founder Dave Miron said, “Timely Tow & Service is all about connectivity and a neighbor helping a neighbor in a timely and safe way at a time of need. Whether you want to be a service guardian, a service requester, or both, download the app today on Android. The ability to help or be helped will be at your fingertips.”

Miron created the app to help stranded motorists get roadside assistance after running out of gas, getting a flat tire, or other unforeseen vehicle breakdowns. He has volunteered for many years and understands firsthand the relief a nearby neighbor offering roadside assistance can bring to an immobile motorist. This app is his way of recruiting more neighbors to help those stranded on the road and help motorists find roadside services & solutions.

It is an intuitive and user-friendly app with a straightforward user interface, and all service guardians are vetted to ensure motorists’ safety. The user customizes the settings, such as the geographical mile radius.

“Timely Tow & Service app is easy to use. The service requester contacts a fully vetted and background-checked service guardian. The functionalities on the app allow you to set the geographical mile radius. Within seconds, you have many service guardians to choose from on your screen, with each guardian’s rating showing on the screen. Once the requested service is satisfactorily received, and both parties acknowledge completion of the work, the negotiated transaction fee will be completed through a secured payment system,” explained Miron.

The roadside assistance app also features pre-approved licensed tow truck drivers and recommended garages within the area. Motorists can explore available options if they need to take their vehicle to a nearby garage or contact a towing company. Stranded motorists can explore and choose a nearby rental place, Airbnb or hotel if the vehicle repair takes longer than expected.

About Timely Tow & Service:

Timely Tow & Service is a groundbreaking app that was founded by Dave Miron and his partner Kayla Schlaugat as a means to help bring community back. The app also offers an opportunity for people, who are willing to help others, earn some extra income during these tough economic times. It works by connecting stranded motorists with other nearby motorists and service guardians, who are ready to help immobile motorists promptly. The Android application also recommends pre-approved tow truck drivers, garages, nearby hotels, rental places, and Airbnbs.

Contact Information:

Name: Dave Miron
Organization: Timely Tow & Service
Address: Calgary, Canada
Phone Number: 403-471-1583

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