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The MERC™ represents a custom-built line of mobile power and communication trailers, or mobile command centers, that are designed to provide a fully operational voice, data, and radio network and a climate controlled workspace within 15 minutes of deployment. MERC trailers can be as small as a 16-foot bumper pull trailer or a much larger 45-foot gooseneck style trailer. The MERC includes an onboard diesel generator designed to support the trailer size and associated resources.

The real power of these MERC units is the communication equipment package that CCS integrates into the trailer. A VSAT auto-acquire satellite system allows it to offer network access anywhere in the world providing not only internet service and data access but also Hosted VoIP and SIP service for two-way voice communication. This satellite network service allows the MERC users to make and receive phone calls over a preassigned telephone number. In most situations, CCS can provide a phone number that is local to the customer. The satellite service also provides full internet access which allows the customer to browse the internet to stay current with multiple news and weather agencies. The satellite network option ensures our customers that even if all normal communication resources or temporarily out of service, they will still be able to communicate.

The interior of the MERC is designed to support multiple workstations with internal LED lighting, custom rubber flooring, metal overhead storage cabinets, equipment cabinets and racks, LED wall-mounted televisions, carpeting on walls, E-Trac where needed, floor mounted recessed tie downs, kitchenettes, bathrooms, heating and ac equipment, conference room table and chairs, and many other amenities. The MERC trailers can also be built with custom slide outs to provide more interior space and exterior storage space under the trailer flooring. These trailers are sized based on each customer’s specific requirements.



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