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Mens’ Haircuts – a Guide to Medium Short Haircuts for Men

Taper haircut, undercut fade or comb over fade? Mens Haircuts can be as confusing as those of the fairer sex for someone who’s not in the know-how. So how can you decide which hairstyle or haircut is right for you?

The right haircut is not something you can decide on a whim. There are some aspects you need to consider and guidelines to follow. In this post I will try to provide you with haircuts guide to help you understand which of the mens medium short hairstyles will work best for you.

I understand that each person’s individual circumstances might affect his hair style and cut. You cannot choose a haircut without first considering your style of clothing, your overall style, the type of person you are, and the kind of work you do.

There is no perfect haircut fit for everyone and you will obviously have to consider personal factors and conditions.

That said, I will still try to provide you with some guidelines to better decide on your ideal cut, style and also manage your hair.

Since most men will go for short or medium length hair, I will tackle these as the main styles in this post. After all mens short haircuts are very popular or very necessary especially if you have a receding hairline.

Haircuts Guide – Popular Categories of Mens Haircuts and Hairstyle

Mens Short Haircuts

The Classic Men’s Short Cut

The first choice we’ll look at is the “classic” short cuts.

classic mens short haircut

These are, in other words, neutral and safe styles, which even though short, do not include shaving too short. This cut suits almost every need, however at the same time it is the safe option that loses some personality.

Indeed, it is difficult to make a mistake when you opt for short cuts.

The short cut, preferred by the overwhelming majority of men, does not require special care and fits to perfection in any lifestyle. So, irrespective of age and style, short haircuts for men seem to be the most popular and ensure you retain a discreet charm with ease, while at the same time allow for ample customization options.

Take care when going for a super short cut though because this will require frequent trimming, so only make this choice if you are able to keep it trimmed on a regular basis.

When opting for very short cuts, you will also need to take into consideration the features of your face to ensure that this hairstyle suite you. The shorter the cut, the more prominent certain features will look!

If you are used to cutting your hair yourself, be very careful, because you could easily go too short, which means the fades will not show properly. Making a mistake in any part of your head, means you will need to cut it even shorter all around to regain homogeneity.

The Buzz shave (hair shaved to zero)

buzz cut - hair shaved to zero

The second type of hair cut we will look at, is what’s commonly referred to as the buzz cut, or, in other words when you

shave your hair with a hair clipper on the very lower guard sizes.

This is a very popular cut nowadays, especially for men facing the dreaded baldness problem. It is however also a choice that is increasingly adopted by those men who find it convenient since they can easily shave their hair themselves at home and does not require any daily maintenance.

It gives you a permanent, clean and ordered look.

Of course, bear in mind that such an extreme cut is not ideal if you have a sharp or asymmetric head because this style highlights the shape of your skull and accentuates your facial features. Having said this I find the short buzz cut to be the best look for those people with a receding hairline or balding spots.

It makes you look younger and more elegant.

If you’re shaving your head completely, (the skin-head look, so to speak) and you’re doing it yourself, remember to proceed in stages. You should first shave your hair using a hair clipper or trimmer to shorten it as much as possible and then proceed with a blade.


The Asymmetrical Cut

Here we begin to enter somewhat of a more interesting and unusual territory. With this I mean to say that while the first two short cuts I’ve described are very “normal” cuts, which pretty much go unnoticed, the eccentricity of an asymmetric cut is much more eye catching.

asymmetric haircut

This choice is preferred mostly by the younger generation who want to show off their creativity and personality through a cut that certainly does not go unnoticed. Of course, when you reach a certain age this cut might not be for you, but then again if you feel comfortable, then go for it. Who am I to judge.

In some cases, asymmetric cuts are enriched with color and highlights but if you work in a professional environment than you can’t really afford to sport such vibrant looks, probably!


The Undercut Fade or the Low Fade haircut

This is basically jargon for very short trimmed hair at the sides or back (usually achieved with a Fade Hair Clipper or Trimmer), and while these type of cuts are very common nowadays, the truth is that they have been popular for quite some time now.

In fact, they go quite far back, even back to the 1950s. Think of James Dean or Grease, the movies set in the 1950s and 1960s, and the whole rock’n’roll culture. In a large number of cases, men were wearing long hair on the front and pulled back, while the sides were very short.

This fashion has remained strong through the decades up until today. At present, fading the sides has become much more pronounced, especially among young people, and you often see people with sides shaved to zero.

undercut fade

The beauty of this cut is that it fits perfectly to all sorts of cultures. Of course, the only thing to remember is not to overdo it with the shaving if you want a more serious look.

There are no limits to the different styles you can sport with this cut. Always remember that the most important rule is to leave the hair longer at the top, so that you can have a clump of hair that can be customized to your liking.

Also such a cut should be re-visited at least once a month, especially if you choose to adopt a very short fade. Some of the more fashion conscious guys will actually go to the barber every two weeks, but once a month should really be enough.


Mens Medium Short Hairstyles – 3 Easy Styles


Which Short Hair-Cut is Better for you?

The first advice I give you is not to be afraid of change. Remember, the hair will re-grow. If you can and you dare, then experience and test different hair cuts.

Remember also that when it comes to hair there is no mistake that cannot be amended. A good barber will be able to “remedy” almost any type of botched hair cut, well apart from the very short buzz cuts. Then again, it’s just a matter of waiting a few weeks for the hair to grow again.

So let’s get to the practical stages. In order to choose your new haircut, it may be useful to dwell on the first and most important element of evaluation:

What suits you and your lifestyle!

Think about what cut is best for you and your style. Don’t be preconditioned by the fact that since you have always carried your hair in one way, you should continue to do so.

Create a new image for yourself in which you can still feel comfortable. It is useless to browse a magazine and choose a cut just because it’s fashionable, if you do not feel comfortable with it or if you think it might not suit you.

Look for Different Hair Cut Ideas for Men’s Hair

The first step is to browse the web and look for some ideas. When you have a few cuts which you consider might just be right for you than you can talk to your barber, and I suggest you show him some pictures so that he gets a clear understanding of what you are trying to convey.

He’ll be able to advise you if that haircut is right for you or not. Give him the full info on your lifestyle, work environment, your clothing choices and your overall style. Your barber does not know these things and this will help him put all the dots together to come at a correct evaluation.

Envision Yourself with a New Hair-Cut

Another useful exercise you can do is just look carefully at the mirror. Look at the features of your face and try to imagine yourself with a different cut. Try doing a sort of “mental collage”, placing a different hair on your face. Of course, it will only be a “game of imagination”, but I assure you that it is the first step to truly understand what is good for you and what’s not.

If you want to take it to the next level and have some fun in the process, there is actually apps you can download or websites like ‘’, where you can upload your own photo and play around with different haircut choices. This can give you an even better idea of how different hairstyles will look on you.

Choosing the best hair cut for the type and shape of your face will ensure that the style will suit you for sure. Here’s a YouTube clip that explaines this further.



How to Take Care of your Man Hair

Once you have decided which haircut to choose and have actually gone through with it, you must then make sure to keep it maintained at its best.

Much of the outcome of your new look depends on the care you put into it on a daily basis. Most short cuts will require very little care, and it should be a piece of cake to keep it to the best.

Keep in mind that your hair is bombarded by a number of external elements that will do no good. Thankfully, compared to very long hair, a short hair-cut is easier to handle.

First off, look for the most natural products possible, although almost all shampoos are full of chemicals, there are some very natural ones.

Another advice is not to rub your hair when drying it with a towel but instead pad gently. Definitely stay away from hair dryers that blow dry heat on your hair as these cause so much damage to the hair.

Avoid using aggressive products for styling your hair. Natural products such as wax are much better then gels. If you have to use gels, try not to exaggerate with the quantity used.

Finally, remember that the health of your hair passes from within: meaning that the beauty of your hair depends to a large extent on your diet, and hydration. Drink plenty of water and observe a regular and balanced diet.

Short Hairstyle – How often should you cut your hair?

This will depend a lot on your cut, but also on your goals. Usually, once a month will be enough for a normal haircut.

There will, however be people who do it more often, and those that go much less regularly but it should be expected that if you always want to have an impeccable hairstyle then you will have to cut your hair with maniacal regularity.

So, are you sure you’re ready to enter into such a commitment!

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