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7 Prom Make-Up Trends You Can’t Miss This Year

Doesn’t everyone dream of being on the receiving end of a cute promposal?

Okay, so not everyone will wake up to a movie-like promposal, but prom is still an exciting event that every high schooler will remember for years to come.

you are probably searching for an equally dazzling makeup look to complement your outfit.

We’ve got you covered! For seven of the most popular prom make-up trends in 2020, check out our guide below!

  1. Sparkling Make-up Looks

Who can say no to a bit of shimmer and shine? Luckily, there are a number of prom makeup trends that can give you some of the sparkle you’re searching for. These looks go best when paired with an equally shimmery dress or a prom fit that is matte and acts as a contrast for your makeup.

In 2020, metallic eyeshadows are appealing to beauty gurus everywhere. They don’t have to be overly dramatic—even a simple silver can bring new depths to your makeup.

Glitter lips are another trend you might be on some more adventurous beauties this prom season! Whether you opt to just get a shimmer-infused lipstick or manually apply some skin-friendly glitter on top of your gloss, you can’t go wrong with this bold lip!

  1. Matching Your Dress: High Glamor

The prom dresses 2020 has to offer are very glamorous and glitzy, so it only makes sense that you will want to pair them with equally dramatic and glamorous prom makeup looks.

Glam makeup can be tweaked and modified to your taste, but it’s all about the intensity of your look and bold definition. Rich lip colors are most commonly used for glam makeup, but you can opt for a lighter shade if you want to add some contrast to your look.

Defined eyes are best achieved in 2020 with lush eyeshadow colors, such as jewel tones or rich pinks. Bring these to life with dark mascara and an eyelash curler to draw as much attention to your eyes as possible.

  1. Glossy Looks

Glossy lips are nothing new for anyone who has even a slight interest in makeup. However, if you stay up to date with Instagram beauty accounts, you’ve probably come across the glossy eyelids trend.

If you want to embrace the glossy eyelids trend, it’s as easy as using a clear lipgloss and dabbing it on your eyelids with your fingertips or a brush after finishing your eyeshadow. To up the glossy vibes, dab some of the gloss over your highlighter too.

If you’re searching for a shiny, unique look to pair with your prom look, this gleaming makeup look is the one for. It’s simple and gives your makeup an unexpected lift.

  1. Simple Prom Make-up Looks

One of the makeup trends that keeps popping up every few years is simple, natural-looking makeup. Though you may be tempted to go all out with your makeup for prom, sometimes a simple makeup look can make the most impact.

Simple looks are best achieved when you want to put emphasis on your dress or hair rather than your makeup. If your dress isn’t a bold color, you might opt for a natural makeup look as well.

Sheer but shimmery eyelids are a great way to bring some glamor to your natural prom makeup. Warm eyeshadows like bronzes and beiges can give you a subtle look.

Using a dewy primer will give your skin a natural glow for the evening. As far as lips go, nudes and dusty rose lipsticks will be your best friends.

  1. Pastel Liner

With softer, lighter dresses, it can sometimes be difficult to find a makeup look that will have a big impact and still match your dress’s color scheme. Pastel eyeliner has given us the hope we need in these trying times.

Pastel eyeliner can be applied in a variety of ways. If you’re a traditionalist, you can go for a simple cat eye look. If you’re up for experimenting a bit with your eyeliner, you can try what’s being touted as the negative space eyeliner look.

Lining your water line instead of applying upper eyeliner is a good way to only add a pop of color without bringing all the focus to your eyes.

  1. Ombré Eyeshadow

Ombré eyeshadow is a trend that the 2020 beauty scene can’t get enough of, and it will be perfect for the glitzy and dramatic looks that prom season brings. It’s a versatile trend that can be applied to just about any prom makeup look.

If your prom outfit features a few different colors, you might opt to incorporate all of them into your ombré eyeshadow. It’s also the perfect way to add a bit of flair and color to an ensemble that is more monochromatic.

  1. Euphoria-Inspired Makeup

The drama Euphoria on HBO has left its imprint on the beauty world, and you’re sure to see it showing up on any 2020 makeup trend list.

Euphoria features a lot of bold looks, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Teals, pinks, and purples are the perfect colors to use for your eyeshadow looks if you’re aiming for a Euphoria-esque look.

The best way to get replicate the makeup looks from the show is by adding rhinestones into your prom makeup. Rhinestones can be applied anywhere, though they are most comfortably worn on your cheekbones or in combination with your eye makeup.

A Night to Remember

If you’re rocking an outfit you love and one of these dazzling prom make-up trends, you won’t groan when your parents stop you to take a million photos—we promise! Whether you opt for a bold or natural look, prom is the perfect place to experiment with new makeup trends!

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