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Ever felt like all the marketing programs out there are exactly the same?

Sometimes what we see, the coach doesn’t really know how they got there, other than a happy accident that they can’t really teach you how to replicate.  So they hire a coach who teaches them their “method”. And then they turn around and teach you that “method.”

Have you ever noticed, the only person who really seems to be getting rich from their approach is THEM?

Their advice is great … for promoting their own business. Yeah, maybe they lucked into 15-minutes of fame that they were able to capitalize upon.  But when it happened they didn’t know how they did it – and they won’t admit that to you.

You know what else they don’t tell you?

They pay a LOT of money for advertising. Yes they went viral once, and were able to capitalize on that and monetize it and now have a bigger budget than you do. And they use that budget to pay for ads.

But they tell you that they’re going to teach you how to do it for free??

There’s the same handful of experts out there that are all teaching basically the same version of one basic strategy.

And then those people they taught now call themselves “coaches” and teach the EXACT SAME STRATEGY.

Following their program means you’ll be doing the exact same thing as everyone else.

How can you stand out?

In marketing, like in all aspects of business and life, there isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme that works to get anyone rich except the person selling it to you.

For everyone else, there’s the way that you SHOULD be doing it. 

Which is what we teach you in #marketU.

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#marketU also isn’t about making me rich.  My entire career in marketing, from a beginner through the CMO level, has been dedicated to helping businesses grow – making THEM rich – and I’m not changing that any time soon. If I get rich off of this program it will be because our members get rich, tell their friends, and we all grow together.

Tired of the BS you’re feeling with some of these online marketing programs that make big promises but turn out to be empty?

Like one of our followers said, “What bothers me most is 95% of these people do NO measurement of success except for how many ‘suckers’ they get to pay their exorbitant fees. No measurement – no deep dive into who finds success and why with their program – it’s obvious because they never offer solid data on their ‘programs’ and most of them have the exact same ‘soundtrack’ almost just in a different voice.”

We were feeling that too, which is why we’ve put in thousands of hours of research into setting up #marketU.

She went on to say, “One ‘hawker’ bragged about the 6000 people who have completed their program for $1999. I asked for some data on what those 6000 are doing now. How many are actually using the program 1 year, 2 years later? Who met their goals or achieved their vision in that time frame? Needless to say the only thing he could offer was a couple of testimonials. Wow. I appreciate you and your integrity. Thank you.”

Even just looking at the blog on our website, you’ll see that our advice is straightforward and lacking in BS.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

This is having busted my butt for decades as a top marketer to learn the best practices and put them into process you can use.

You can expect the same thing from #marketU … where me and my team freely share our expertise with you in this course.  You won’t have to work quite as hard as I have, because you’ll have expert guides along the way.

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Let me tell you what #marketU is NOT about

It’s not about ways to spend more time and more money.  I’ll share with you my favorite resources that are either free, or I know from a lot of testing that a small investment generates more in return.  In most cases we have multiple options to recommend and can help you choose the one the works best for your business.

It’s not about having to do a lot of research and try this and that and getting frustrated and you can’t make it work so you have to move on to the next thing.

We’ve already done thousands and thousands of hours of testing, and we continue to do that every week, with all the new possibilities to understand what can work now, what may work later, and what isn’t doing what it promises.

  • #marketU is not about how many people like your page on FB
  • It’s not about how many comment and engage with a post
  • It’s not about how many people watch your video
  • It’s not about how many website visitors you get

Yes, those are all great tools to measure if your daily efforts are working.

None of those actually pay the bills.

Yes those can help you increase your audience, and an increased audience – if they’re the RIGHT audience – can convert into sales.

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You need to know the tactics, the how to, to make those improvements to your business’s online presence and how to coordinate everything to work together seamlessly.

You need to know easy ways to focus your efforts so that you’re not spending too much time or money.

More importantly, you need to understand how to focus those strategies to turn into paying customers.

If you’re like me, like all of our team, like all of our clients, you aren’t lying awake at night worrying about how many people are commenting on a Facebook post.

We’re all looking for financial security and freedom. To keep from overworking ourselves where our health and relationships suffer.  Balance.  The ability to make a positive impact on the world.

We’ve already done thousands and thousands of hours of testing, and we continue to do that every week, with all the new possibilities to understand what can work now, what may work later, and what isn’t doing what it promises.

None of us want to add more work, or spend even more money, especially if we can’t turn it into results.

#marketU teaches you the processes and best strategies that we have used with thousands of clients over the years to grow their business to millions and billions. And we teach you how to personalize those strategies to work efficiently and effectively with your unique business.

social media marketing bootcamp


The guru-level social media marketing bootcamp for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing VAs.

​​​​​​​Simple processes.  Effective results.

That we teach you how to use with YOUR unique business.

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