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Managing Your Rental Property? It’s About Time.

There is little that landlords appreciate more than having an ideal renter occupying their space. You know, the ones who never cause problems or complain, always pay their rent on time, and, of course, stick around for a while.

However, for many property owners, they also know how maddeningly time-consuming  it can be to find or replace those terrific tenants.

Beyond the time and expenses to effectively market the location, they also need to select and properly vet the candidates, prepare and sign the lease, and ultimately collect the payments. This leads  to an endless amount of aggravation trying to balance everything that goes into the process.

This lack of efficiency is precisely what inspired the birth of Trintals, where landlords can save valuable time by gaining access to all the necessary resources in one central location.

“I needed a product like this,” said Trintals Founder Shankar Thayver. “I bought the wrong investment properties and was bleeding money, and did not want to bleed more by engaging a professional. I even looked for software that could replace that person. But when I did a search, I discovered there was no end-to-end platform for property owners.”

When a tenant is moving out, the most important priority for the landlord is to fill the vacancy created as quickly, and as safely, as possible. Traditionally, this would primarily consist of putting a sign in the yard, or placing a classified ad. Either option has limited exposure, which can delay things weeks, or even months, increasing the amount of time the rental goes unoccupied. Both also tend to attract a large portion of undesirable applicants.

Even in recent years, using any of the rental websites now in existence still leaves people missing out on two-thirds of their prospective tenants, Thayver said.

This is why property owners find the process of listing to leasing so much easier with Trintals’ all-in-one  platform. With the ability to instantly share a listing to 50+ rental sites, users significantly cut down the time spent posting in multiple places. As a result, there’s a higher response rate and a faster turnover period, leading to thousands of dollars saved.

Landlords can also avoid wasting countless hours showing the property, only to realize the applicant should have been flagged for bad credit or a shady track record, as they can now qualify them ahead of time. In a matter of seconds, users get easy access to the rental application and all other  necessary resources and documents, such as criminal and eviction checks, and credit reports.

Additionally, the on-site payment portal eliminates the delays that come along with waiting for a check to arrive, or the need to create a new online account elsewhere — perfect for swamped investors or agents looking to streamline their rental business.

The newest service allows a Trintals property manager to review and evaluate the rental listing, pricing, and application for a small fee. This is especially beneficial for those new to the rental game, who can find themselves quickly getting overwhelmed as they struggle to properly reach, review, and select the right applicant.

At the end of the day, Trintals has transformed what was once a stressful experience of pairing the perfect tenant with the perfect landlord into something far more enjoyable. And, better yet, providing landlords with more of their most valued possession: Their time!

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