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Make a Smile Bloom! 10 Types of Romantic Flowers for Different Occasions

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When it comes to classic, traditional gestures that never fail to get a positive response, giving flowers is something right at the top of the list. Flowers for women have always been a much-appreciated show of love, and thanks to Mother Nature the world has a beautiful array of different flowers to give!

But did you know that flowers have their own language? There are many flowers that represent an emotion. Roses will always spring to mind as one of the best flowers to give, but roses are complicated. Each different color rose has a meaning so it’s important to choose the right one.

If you don’t want to present roses, there are plenty of other gorgeous alternatives. Without further ado, here is a list of ten flowers of love, and the occasions for which they are most appropriate to give.

1. Magnolias – One The Most Romantic Flowers

Magnolias are right up there with roses when it comes for flowers that hold a huge romantic meaning.

Through history they have been believed to have magical properties for encouraging someone to fall in love with the giver, so keep that in mind if you are looking for the perfect flower to send your crush in hopes of them reciprocating the feelings!

2. Jasmine – Ideal For Grace

Jasmine is a flower that has always historically been associated and linked with beauty and grace.

You might want to send a wonderful Jasmine bouquet if the message you are trying to put across is that the person you love is the most is the most beautiful human being in the world.

And we shouldn’t forget, too, that Jasmine is one of the sweetest and loveliest smelling flowers in the world too.

3. Orchids – The Flower Of Lust

If the love between you and your partner is more red hot and passionate than sweet and cuddly, then orchids might be the choice for you!

They have always been known to represent sexy things like seduction and lust, so keep that in mind when trying to pick out the flowers that you think best sum up your own relationship.

Orchids are becoming more and more popular for Valentine’s Day according to Boise Florists.

4. Lilies – A Background Of Romance

Lilies are a great flower choice for anyone who wants to create a romantic atmosphere on an at-home date night.

Asiatic lilies, in particular, are a wonderful idea, as they come in a range of vibrant and stunning colors that you can pick to suit the personality and preferences of your partner or crush.

5. Geraniums – Allergy Free Romance

If your loved one happens to suffer from a few pollen allergies, then you are safe picking geraniums!

They contain very low levels of pollen, which means that they won’t cause any irritation or reaction when you give them, leaving only the sweet gesture and the beautiful flowers to enjoy!

6. Tulips – Happy Go Lucky Romance

Tulips are the perfect choice for a lover who is naturally happy go lucky and take things one day at a time.

They only bloom for a period of about three to seven days, but for someone who is always looking to move onto the next thing, this is a perfect amount of time to have stunning flowers at home before something else grabs their attention!

7. Carnations – January Perfection

If your partner has a birthday in January, or your anniversary happens to be in January, then carnations are definitely the most fitting flower to choose.

Carnations are always the flower of the month for January, and you have a choice between vibrant pinks and reds and subtle pastels depending on the preferences of your special someone. If January has no meaning for you, don’t worry, there’s a flower for every month.

8. Alstroemeria – The Peruvian Lily

Also known as the Peruvian lily, the alstroemeria is a beautiful and amazingly scented flower that is a symbol of devotion and friendship.

Don’t be fooled by the friendship aspect though, this is definitely romantic rather than platonic!

Peruvian lilies are perfect for anniversary occasions because you can take the friendship element and turn it into a show of your commitment to one another.

9. Sunflowers – Uplifting Romance

It is impossible to look at a sunflower without breaking into a smile, and that is very much the kind of tone you want to set in a relationship!

Uplifting and traditionally beautiful, sunflowers are a perfect gift idea for a loved one, even more so if they love classic art because there are so many iconic images throughout history that have been inspired by the great flower.

10. White Chrysanthemum – Hopeful Romance

Dating back to the 15th century, white chrysanthemums have been seen as a symbol of joy and optimism, and for these reasons, we think that they make a perfect flower idea to go with part of a proposal.

Joy and optimism are both emotions that signify the acceptance of an engagement, so what better way to start a new chapter in your life than with a flower that represents moving forward together with positivity and hope for the future?

A Huge Array of Romantic Flowers

So there you have it, ten examples of romantic flowers that all mean different and unique things. It just goes to show that you don’t always have to opt for roses when you want to make a big romantic gesture. They might be the most obvious, but they don’t always carry the exact meaning that you are looking for!

Flowers are always going to be one of the most popular ways to shower affection on a loved one, so make the effort to try to pick a variety that carries an extra meaning for your own relationship.

If you want to attach a special message or tribute in your flowers, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Wishes Choice. We are one of the best places online for finding wonderful ideas that will make your flowers gifts even more intimate and customized.

No matter what kind of occasion you happen to be celebrating, we can guarantee that we have a message or greeting that is perfect!

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