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Major Concussion In A Rideshare Accident—Who Is Liable and How Do You Get Compensated?

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Grabbing a ride in an Uber or Lyft has become routine for many Americans. It’s an easy way to get where you need to go, and the ridesharing apps make it so convenient. Unfortunately, recovering compensation for a rideshare accident is not so easy.  In fact, it can be one big headache.

Proving Liability in a Rideshare Accident

All accident injury claims require proving liability, or fault. After all, if no one is to blame for an accident, there is no claim to file. Speeding, distracted driving, driving while impaired, drowsy driving, and disobeying traffic laws are all examples of risky driving behaviors that may constitute liability for a rideshare accident.

Recovering Compensation for a Rideshare Accident

If you suffered a major concussion in an accident that is another driver’s fault, you must file a claim against the driver’s insurance policy to recover damages. This is standard practice. However, when the driver is a rideshare driver, this is where things get complicated.

Standard car insurance policies apply to personal use of the vehicle. If the rideshare driver was working when the accident occurred, their insurance policy won’t cover the accident because the car was being used for business purposes. But you must file a claim against their auto policy anyway.

If the rideshare driver’s personal insurance coverage denies your accident claim, then you may file a claim against the rideshare company. Rideshare companies do offer their drivers some level of insurance, but coverage varies, and there are gaps in the coverage provided. For the most part, coverage depends upon when the accident occurred.

Injured in a Rideshare Accident?

Trying to recover compensation for injuries sustained in a rideshare accident can be frustrating and time-consuming due to the relationship between rideshare drivers and the rideshare company. Accident attorneys at Ogborn Mihm, LLP skillfully navigate the complexities of the claims process to recover the compensation you deserve for your accident injuries. Schedule a confidential consultation with a member of our team today to learn how we can help.

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