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Learn how to build a quality affiliate marketing website

Hey, everyone and welcome to my post on how to build website the smart way using WordPress. How many reasons are there to learn how to build a website in today’s day and age? Millions. I mean, I hear about people starting websites all the time, but guess what? Half those people are just doing because they think they are taking on a new project. Affiliate marketing is making a website and having it indexed in the search engines for the world. If you don’t have anything to talk about then you will not go far in this world. Even if you can write a review on a product that you like, that is enough because you can grow and practice from that.

Since I started learning how to build a website, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t written a post. Even when you can’t think of something to say or talk about, it does not matter, you have to keep going. Nobody ever said that success was easy. Actually doing this, taking on this transaction and starting your own online business is a new test, and this will show you many wonders of the world. Fortunately, you have many pre existing entrepreneurs who have taken the hard yards and worked the hard steps to make way for new prospects like you and I.

Wealthy Affiliate Plays a huge roll in all of this, and among one, you can become rich according to months from a time. The platform is leveled out into two stages. It shows you pretty just how to push buttons, and with this, your business is made. If you listen to the words of this scroll, With the power of Wealthy Affiliate I will commit myself to help you learn the Wealthy Affiliate Lessons. I sit at my laptop on the daily learning these techniques and I can show you how to skip and start making money onlineWealthy Affiliate is free, and I want to show you everything that it has to offer.

Imagine a business working to perfect its product over many years, and coming up with something really good at the end. Think if they put out there that if you have an online business and know how to work online you can promote their products and services and earn commissions doing it. That’s what this is. You are learning how to build a website to tell people that you have a profession (and it’s called affiliate marketing). Think about how long it takes to do an apprenticeship, 4 years Max. Imagine learning how to build a website and being in the shape of gaining thousands of hits of traffic per day. Its millions of dollars put it that way, and that’s what I want to show you throughout this post.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Learn how to build a quality affiliate marketing website

Affiliate marketing is when you have a product and you write content on that product. When you promote that product or service online people come to your site and click on that tiny little link. That’s where the money is. If the person who clicks on your links make a payment you are earning most of that money. That’s how good this is. I know, many people out there try hard to tell you otherwise because they don’t have products, but it isn’t hard is easy.

In the world’s population there are 7.676 billion people. How many people do you think use the internet? If you said 4.388 billion then you have guessed right. There is over 57% of the world’s population searching online for the things that they need or want to buy. All you have to do is to get your product up under their snouts. If you can do that then you will earn millions of dollars.

How easy do you think you could learn how to build a website, choose a niche, and promote the products pertaining to that niche space? if you think you can then you are in the right place for making money online.

Here is an overview of what you need to learn how to build website:

  1. Web Hosting (Domain Address)
  2. Domain Name (Website Address)
  3. Install (Website Backend)
  4. Website Design (Theme)

1. Find the right Affiliate Training


To build as a quality website, you must know where some affiliate training is. This is because building a website on your own just will not happen. I mean, there’s too much of a coindedance on the internet that after a while you will find some raining that helps you. I have seen so many blog posts on the internet that all say the same thing. Example: all you need is, Wealthy Affiliate and web hosting. This is what most blog mention and I don’t agree, there’s just too much to do and learn, and doing it by yourself will just lead you to wanting help.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate has their first lesson based on some simple terms that you can use to guide you. These are simple self esteems that show you anyone can start. Let’s check them out below:

  1. Anyone can accomplish success online – This is to anyone who is contemplating starting a website and learning affiliate marketing. Success comes after countless hours of hard work and if you can work, then this is something that will fit in well with starting to learn how to build a website.
  2. Anything new can appear to be overwhelming at first site – This is something that will look huge once you start the initial stages of your website. Once your inside WordPress things will start to look like this is really big, and it is. You are building your WordPress website and you need to learn how businesses are not small. They take time and commitment to get started.
  3. No technical or prior online business experienced required – Absolutely anyone can start affiliate marketing. Yes, it will be easier if you have your own interests because that will allow many meaningful pieces of content. Large amounts of quality content is where it’s at with Google. To build your Affiliate website you need to learn how to construct content and only then can you build upon that.
  4. Success is a journey – This matches with a lot of what I mentioned already except I want to expand on it. Success does not come overnight, and this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. If you work hard and follow the training in this post you will have exactly what you have been looking for – success.

Showing these valuable techniques will come in very Handy for all the newbies. You may be older and have some experience online, and if that’s you then this is just extras within the chamber. This whole post works well together but if you want to skip bits then it will lead to missing vital key points which carves out the structure of your website’s foundation.

2. Choose your niche topic


Choosing your niche topics is essentially the best part of your online journey. Do you have specific interests that motivate you? This is important moving forward because it’s what your whole website is about to be built on. There are also ways of thinking about what you like and want to build upon which is important.

Being able to make stuff ups when building your website isn’t. If you are building a website off just someone’s post then you won’t be able to bounce back as easy as what I have to offer from within. That is what’s so important about learning this whole thing. In the training applied in this post, making a mistake is very easy to fix. You need to learn that among other things moving forward. Because of this I’m adding ways that will make finding your niche space even easier.

Here are 3 ways you can use to help find your perfect niche space:

1. Identifying your interests and passions

Many people reading this might already know what they want to start promoting. If you know already then expand what space it is that the product of the service is in and work with that. Something that is very important that you know now is choosing something that you like or already know about will make things easier when it’s comes to creating content. If you start a niche just out of not knowing what to do, this training provides a great way to promote them from within the Make Money Online space. If you want to start that then head off into this link here.

Here are a few sentences that will help you think deeper on your niche:

  • What do you do when your not working?
  • What newspapers do you read?
  • What sports do you partake within?

The above is not a guarantee that it will work with your choice or your interest but use it to help with creative thoughts. It will defiantly open up your brain for taking in a new wave.

2. Identifying problems that people need solved

This is something that will make you lots of money if you get lucky. As an online business owner I know what it’s like to help others and that’s something that is real lucrative. As many people will already know, the more you help somebody the more they will remember your business and come back. This builds a mega-establishment for customer relations and it’s only taking your business to the next level.

To help identify industry issues, here are some ideas where you can find out what problems some business owners are having:

  • Book one on one encounters with small business owners – and ask them what pain points they experience. If you find something that you can solve then it’s look good for starting a niche site.
  • Search for pain point keywords – On Google type in words that you have sniffed before when searching for industry problems. This will show you a vast area of places where you can build a niche and help an industry.
  • Use Forums – Forums are the best way to find out what problems business owners are having.

There’s a niche space that is taking off at the moment and what it does is focuses on helping small businesses get more customers. People (entrepreneurs) look or target small businesses who don’t look like they are going that well. After they find one, they call and ask them if they need help to get customers. The person calling then goes off and creates them Facebook ads which they are happy to pay for. This is a perfect example of solving problems in any industry.

3. Learn about the profitability of your niche

This is something else to do when choosing what way you want to head. Is the idea you think of going to make you lots of money? In affiliate marketing there’s nearly every bet that all things will make you money. The problem is some won’t be as good as others and with that in mind, how low can some industries go with revenue. If a certain space doesn’t make more than 2 million per year in sales then I wouldn’t bother with it. But again, this is talking about 1 product. Your niche is in a whole space.

Another huge aspect to look at are keywords of your particular niche. This is just as important as revenue. If a space that you choose to run with doesn’t sport as many keywords then you won’t be able to rank your articles for posts that you build.

Here are some ways that you can know that the space that you are choosing does have profitability:

  • Low quality content – After everything we have been through so far, find niches that are in the space you’re thinking about and evaluate their content. If they have low quality or are short on quality amount then you will know that it’s for you because you can outrank there content.
  • Low paid competition – Finding keywords that have low competition and high search volume is definitely something to look for. You won’t find this type of space without dedication and commitment.
  • Be different – If you don’t be the same it will be easy for you to outrank what little competition you have.

The above information is definitely going to narrow your direction when starting a new niche website. Devour what I have written and we’ll see you at the next segment.

3. Build Affiliate Marketing WordPress Website


The affiliate training in this post is very import and the reason is that it has everything you need to build a powerful website all in the one place. That is unseen before and I want to make it known. WordPress is considered the No. 1-blogging platform on the internet and data shows that they actually control up to 36% of the internet’ blog posts. That’s nearly half of the online world. WordPress is a powerful blogging platform that also offers more ways to build your website with plugins. Plugins are actually pieces of technology that help you customize your website however you want. Unless you follow the training provided in this post, how will you ever learn what plugins are and how to use them? That’s right you won’t.

Using the following, I will show you the perfect and advanced website building and web hosting platform where you will be able to start your affiliate website using the platform.

One of the most important things after your website is built is earning revenue by attracting the right visitors. This is what it’s all about with affiliate marketing. Your niche is shaped by your products and services. When you help people by giving them the information that they need, you are doing the world a service.

Building your site is important but determining your customers is also important. Let me show you a list of techniques that you can use to help find out what traffic you get.

Here are 4 types of keyword intents that customers are searching for when looking for your business:

  1. Informational – this is where users search the answer to a question
  2. Navigational – Where customers search for a particular website
  3. Investigational – Where users search for information leading to a purchase
  4. Transactional – Where users want to spend their money

The elements above are all reasons that people could and would search for your website. When you can provide the elements above, you will hit your customers with perfect intent.

During the construction of your website (which is in the lesson above) you will need to have your domain name ready. Sometimes you think of a name for your website but then try, and search for it on the domain-integrated tool (inside the training) but you find that it is already taken. When this happens, it means that you need to work with what you can. So, to do this you name your website the name that you were thinking and try to buy a domain that fits well with it.

Everything you need to build a website is right in this post. In case you won’t a bigger list of options here is a post I did the other day.

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