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Easy-To-Follow SEO Tips to Boost Hotel Direct Booking After Business Resumes

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The global health crisis has had an extremely negative impact on the world’s tourism and hospitality industry. Hoteliers must think of ways to recover after the crisis during these times.

What can you do to improve the hotel business?

One of the best things for hotels to do during the lockdown period is to improve the hotel website’s SEO, mainly because it takes time. Its results may take 3-6 months.

SEO can help increase the hotel website’s visibility in search engines and attract more guests from Google searches. 

You can either hire an SEO specialist or put in hard work and effort yourself.  Learn about hotel SEO best tips and practices to save your hotel business money in the long run. By implementing the following tips, it will definitely help to improve your hotel direct bookings.

Hotel SEO Tip #1 : Write relevant hotel and visual content

Having a website for your hotel won’t automatically bring in the traffic. Make sure you have a blog unless you’re a big brand or hotel chain, nobody might be looking up directly for your hotel’s name.

One best tip to drive traffic to your website is to generate excellent content. We recommend that you not restrict written content to information about hotels but also include details about essential things like food, travel, events, and nearby attractions.

Prepare to invest and make sure to leverage high-quality videos and images. Online audiences are craving more visual experience, and at the same time, technology is vastly improving how search engines promote visual content for user consumption. It’s becoming more important for ranking in search results.

Hotel SEO Tip #2: Keyword Research

A keyword is a word, term, or phrase that you can target with your website to attract more visitors through a search engine. Utilizing keywords means increasing your organic ranking.

If you’re not a big brand yet, people might not be searching directly for your hotel name. One tip to be able to solve that is to make use of other popular keywords that will help lead to your hotel website. Think of different hotel-related keywords that you should target with your blog posts, internal and landing pages.

Here’s an example:

ABC Hotel is a new boutique hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They want to gain organic ranking for hotels in Kuala Lumpur, cool Kuala Lumpur hotel, and Kuala Lumpur Hotel Malaysia.

Suppose you search for a Kuala Lumpur hotel, which may be very general. However, if you’re searching for Kuala Lumpur hotel near Broadway theatres, you’re more specific and have a higher chance of getting a room booked. The second search term, ‘Broadway theatres,’ is easier to rank for which means it can result in a noticeable increase in profit.

Hotel SEO Tip #3: Voice-Search Phrases

One of the SEO trends today is increasing voice-search queries, which is why it’s essential to make sure your written content should be composed of conversational, flowing, and natural-sounding phrases. It will help you perform better in a voice search environment.

Voice search is a rising trend in consumer behavior today. Rather than typing out questions, search-engine users are now speaking aloud to their devices using increasingly capable digital assistants.

Bonus Pro Tip #1: No Keyword Stuffing

A bonus pro tip is never to use keyword stuffing. Do not write sentences or paragraphs that don’t make any sense but are stuffed full of the words and phrases you want to be ranked.

Google doesn’t like it, and it can make your potential guests who see it get confused and leave your website.

Bonus Pro Tip #2: Easiest keyword tool

If you are totally unsure how to do a keyword research, the best an easiest way is to use a keyword suggestion tool by MustSEO Tools. With their keyword tool, you will save more time and you will have a list of recommend keywords to use for your website in no time. You can even generate a free SEO Audit report for your hotel from

Get more direct bookings by improving your hotel website’s SEO

These tips are just the basics of SEO best practices today. If you are interested in learning more on how to improve your hotel SEO, you can download our comprehensive Hotel SEO Guide that will covers the 11 Key factors that affects hotel SEO.

Alternatively, if you want to learn quickly and get your hands on SEO for your hotel, we have an easy-to-follow SEO course, HotelAnswer Academy’s SEO course

HotelAnswer Academy helps hotels improve productivity and overall profit. We can help you increase your visibility in search engines, attract more guests, and improve your booking rates, all at an affordable cost.


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