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Lauren Berger Collection- New York’s Premier Luxury Vacation Rental Agency

With years of experience in the luxury travel and accommodation sector, Lauren has cultivated a keen talent for providing elegant and luxurious environments with an impeccable collection of luxury rental properties. Her rentals are found in prestigious locations worldwide and provide guests with a home away from home, making them return yearly.


New York, NY, October 14, 2022— When Lauren Berger founded the Lauren Berger collection, she had the vision to provide excellent service, plentiful amenities and lavish accommodations. Over the years, she has perfected her talent for creating an elegant and luxurious environment and assembled a collection of impeccable luxury rental properties. Today, Lauren Berger Collection prides itself as one of New York’s premier luxury vacation rental agencies that serve A-list celebrities and world dignitaries.

“All luxury travel experiences boast similar ideals: excellent service, abounding amenities and lavish accommodations. While they rarely disappoint, not many can match our passion for hospitality. Our luxury rental properties are found in prestigious locations worldwide, and each home expresses our meticulous approach to hosting and entertaining. Elegant, lavish, sophisticated and comfortable,” said Lauren Berger, the founder and CEO of the Lauren Berger Collection.

As a leading luxury vacation rental agency New York City, the Lauren Berger Collection has won several awards for outstanding services. The company’s lavish rental properties include villas, apartments, townhomes, residences, chalets, castles, ranches, mansions, cabins, resorts, lodges and luxury camps. Moreover, clients can find many more luxury amenities for short-term or long-term rent, including yachts, ski rentals, estates for family camping,  corporate retreats, romantic getaways and special events.

Luxury Vacations NYC are in-demand because the city is a favorite among A-list celebrities, including Hollywood stars, musicians, sports personalities and dignitaries. To maintain high-class customer service, Lauren handpicks the staff, with most of them working with her for decades. Every detail pertaining to guests is carefully intuited beforehand. Additionally, every property provides a variety of services and privileges.

“As a guest of the Lauren Berger Collection properties, you will develop a personal relationship with the individuals who are ready and waiting to serve you time and time again, including me. The staff is hand-picked, and most of the team has been with me for decades. Every detail and desire is carefully intuited ahead of time, and each property offers many services and privileges,” she added.

Lauren Berger Collection is a global luxury travel provider. It offers Luxury Vacation Rentals New York City, other parts of the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the North Pacific Ocean, South America, Iceland, Antarctica and more. Besides luxury vacation rental services, the company offers concierge, absolute hospitality, relocation, ambassador services, luxury vehicles and yachts.

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About Lauren Berger Collection:

The Lauren Berger Collection provides five-star full-service luxury vacation rental apartments and homes in New York City and other prestigious locations around the world. The company offers absolute hospitality, concierge services, ambassador services, relocation, luxury vehicles and yachts. Properties under this premier company express elegance, lavish living, sophistication, and comfort.

Contact Information:

Name: Lauren Berger
Organization: Lauren Berger Collection
Address:160 Central Park S, New York, NY 10019
Phone Number:1-646-629-9669

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