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Laminate Flooring: Cleaning and Maintenance

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Laminate flooring is always a great choice for your home. You have the option to choose from several wood-inspired patterns, giving you an alternative to an actual hardwood floor. Laminate is also affordable enough to fit most budgets.

On top of the beauty and budget-friendly price, a laminate floor has a protective surface that makes it more resistant to scratches, the sun and wear and tear. However, you still need to put in the work to maintain its appearance and durability. Use the following tips to clean and maintain your laminate floor.


If you are looking for a higher end laminate flooring option, consider Mohawk’s RevWood flooring. RevWood Select and RevWood Plus are Mohawk’s laminate floors that carry a waterproof warranty if the edges are sealed. RevWood products are designed to withstand scratches, dents, and stains without sacrificing the beauty of your laminate surface. The best part is they come in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to find a style that fits your home.


The first thing you should do is take the steps to prevent damage to your floor. You want to be mindful of where your floor is going to be installed. A laminate floor cannot get wet, so your bathroom may not be the best room for it.

While the surface is resistant against scratches, discoloring, and aging, you still want to go the extra mile to protect it from damage. Start by placing mats on the inside and outside of every entrance for wiping off shoes. This minimizes the amount of dirt and debris that are tracked across your floor. You should also invest in felt pads to place on the feet of your furniture, as this protects your floor should you need to slide a piece across the room. Do not avoid rearranging your furniture altogether, as rearranging the furniture periodically helps the floor to age evenly. Finally, you want to protect your laminate floor from the UV rays with window coverings and area rugs.

Remember, the proper care and maintenance not only ensures the beauty and durability of your floor, but it also keeps the warranty intact.


Even with the preventive maintenance, you still want to clean your laminate floor regularly to keep it from becoming unsightly or damaged. You can use a soft bristle broom or dust mop, but avoid using a steam cleaner or wet mop. Floor Steamers also generate a lot of heat and can also ruin a vinyl floor, always consult your flooring manufacturer before steam cleaning. Using a vacuum cleaner make things a bit easier, just be sure you turn off the beater bar.

Are you looking to give your floor a damp cleaning? It is recommended to use Mohawk’s FloorCare Essentials Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner. You can spray the cleaner onto a cotton cloth or terrycloth, or even a microfiber mop. Remember, you want to avoid water or liquid cleaners, as they could damage the surface. Never leave the surface wet.

Special Cleaning Tips

A splash, spill, or stain on your laminate floor is inevitable, but you do not need to panic when it happens. If you act in a timely manner, you can easily take care of each problem before it causes permanent damage.

Stubborn stains, such as paint or markers, can be removed with an acetone-based fingernail polish remover. Always test harsh chemicals in a closet before experimenting in the center of your floor. Laminate is very resistant to such chemicals,  however sometimes a homeowner may think their floor is a laminate and it turns out to be a vinyl.

If you are dealing with a tougher substance, such as chewing gum or candle wax, the first step is to harden it with ice. Then, use a plastic scraper to carefully remove the substance. Once the substance is removed, use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe the area.

A Few Don’ts

Do not use a cleaner not secifically made for laminate flooring, those can often times create a haze that is difficult to remove. You should also never use polishes or waxes on a laminate floor, a well known company that makes finishes and cleaner for wood flooring also makes a laminate polish, many people have ruined their floors using it. Always check with the manufacturer of your floor for what they recommend.


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When you take the time to maintain your laminate flooring, you can enjoy its beauty and durability for years to come.

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